Diamond King Gold Review

How would you like to experience being ‘King of the Jungle’ without having to leave your house? That’s the experience the new Diamond King Gold slots can provide players thanks to its African savanna theme, complete with the King of the Jungle - a massive and impressive lion as the main character. From Games Global, this game is filled with notable features from top to bottom. It's an impressive offering you won't want to miss.

Let the Stats Speak for Themselves

Diamond King Gold is one of those games where the stats speak for themselves, doing a great job to catch the attention of players. If you like exciting gameplay that gets your adrenaline going, then this is the game for you.

The volatility is high and the RTP is 96.44%. There is a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum of $25, giving players lots of room in between to feel comfortable. The game board may not seem huge, but you've got 1,024 pay lines which means plenty of opportunities to win. The maximum win is a whopping $256,000, which should be enough to make any player take a second glance.

It’s Not Just the Stats that Stand Out

While the stats are certainly impressive and may convince you to check the game out, the pros don’t end there. For many players, it will end up being the theme and graphics that are the top feature. The background displays the beautiful and sprawling African savanna, with the king of the jungle being prominent at all times. The symbols also reflect the theme with other animals such as the elephant, zebra, giraffe, and rhino all showing up. The scenes also change from day to night, making it a beautiful gaming experience.

Players can’t help but notice the use of bright, rich, and bold colors, all of which can be found in Africa. It’s about creating an experience, not just another standard slot game.

Special Features Galore Means Lots of Opportunities to Win

There are plenty of online slots that offer just a couple of special features, and Diamond King Gold is not that game. Instead, this safari adventure is packed with special features that increase winnings, extend your gameplay, and make the game a lot more engaging. When you know there are so many features available to win, it makes you want to keep playing.

Some of the more notable features include the Diamond Jackpot, which is engaged when players match three jackpot icons; the Power Range Roar, which is activated when you land on free spins and has a multiplier feature; and the free spins that can lead to upgrades. It's also worth noting the Buy feature, where you'll get to spin the green, blue, or red wheel. The one thing all these special features have in common is the big winnings they can result in.

So, if you’re ready to take off on an African safari adventure then you will want to check out the new Diamond King Gold slots, which is packed with stunning imagery and heart-thumping gameplay.

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