Diamond Empire Slot Review

If you are a player who is looking to shine, shine, shine, then Diamond Empire is just the casino gaming experience for you! You get extreme energy 3 reel play that marries classic and classy into a modern look and gaming style. The namesake double diamond multipliers give you a chance to multiply your earnings by 650X - and this isn't even the bonus feature. Plug into the Art Nouveau theme and get ready to win 888X your original bet!

Rules of the Game

The rules of the Diamond Empire are simple. You spin and are awarded wins from left to right for a line symbol combo. All lines are played, and the highest winning combination is awarded per line. Simple, right? The name of the game here is fun and excitement, not complexity. The Diamond Experience does not have to be overwhelmingly difficult in order to keep you entranced!

Bonus Play

Move into bonus play if a bonus symbol appears anywhere in the play area trigger wheel. During your bonus spin, you get a single credit value, and your wheel bonus wins are multiplied by your total bet. During your bonus spin, you can win up to 888X times your total bet! Separate from bonus spins are Wild Rules. Your Wild Multiplier substitutes for all symbols other than the bonus symbol. If you win a line with a line multiplier, your payout is 2X; if you have two Wild Multipliers, then your payout is 4X!

The Atmosphere

Diamonds are a player's best friend, and the way that Diamond Empire incorporates the lore of the diamond into the gameplay experience will leave you mesmerized. The music provides the perfect accompaniment to the visuals, guaranteeing your heart rate rises. All in all, you may forget that you are not in a real casino. The lights, the sounds and the action keep your blood pumping for spin after spin. You've never had so much fun online.

Guaranteed Fun!

If you are a true casino player, then you will absolutely revel in the classic themes of Diamond Experience. Newer players will appreciate the modern touches that the game offers, and everybody will enjoy the opportunity to take home fabulous winnings at such a high multiplier that you can't help but get excited during every new spin.

Whether you are quadrupling your payouts with the exquisite, dazzling diamond wilds, moving into a bonus spin for a chance at 888X your total bet, or guaranteeing a victory during your Wild Multiplier spins, this game creates an atmosphere that you will not soon forget. Vibrant visuals and a swinging soundtrack await your steady hand at the Diamond Empire reel - come in and get hooked!

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