Deadmau5 Review

Fans of DJ deadMau5 may be wondering if the deadmau5 online slot machine has any connection and you'll be thrilled to know that yes indeed it does. Why not combine your love of slot machines with some of the most signature and iconic tracks from the DJ? And it doesn’t stop there, as this one is a true visual, audio, and gaming experience like no other and should be on anyone’s must-try list.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Before we even touch on the gameplay, it’s important to point out just how unique this game is from the theming standpoint. It’s a true multi-sensory experience in that the visuals and the audio are both incredibly and immersive. It will feel like you're at one of the hottest clubs on the Las Vegas strip with the tracks spinning, the neon lights flickering off the screen, dancers in the background, and then of course the reels themselves that fit in seamlessly with the rest of the theme at Deadmau5.

The whole feel is high-energy, electric, and unique. It’s the kind of game you’re going to remember playing, and therefore probably want to return to and play some more.

What About the Gaming Experience?

As fabulous and unique as the theme and sounds are in this slot machine, at the end of the day it really comes down to the gameplay. This one features five reels with three rows, and they are the traditional spinning reels which most players are very familiar with. Described as the perfect game for beginner, experienced, and expert players, that claim absolutely rings true as every level of player can have fun here and of course win big.

Some of the standout features include free spins, a scatter symbol, multipliers, wild symbol, free games, and other features. Keep in mind this one isn't a progressive jackpot style of slot machine. The multiplier alone can result in up to 10x the win, and there is a total of 243 ways to win in total. It has a below-average RTP sitting at 95.22% and it's rated at a high volatility.

One feature in particular to watch for is the Drop the Wild feature. Should this one appear, it will trigger the start of a spin that occurs in the base game, as well as free spins. From there it can transform one to three of the reels in the middle into wilds for that full round of play. Keep in mind should you get the Drop the Wild feature, the Rolling Reels will be deactivated during that time.

Game developer Eurostar Studios collaborated with Microgaming to bring about this offering.

So What’s the Hook?

While the gameplay itself is relatively standard in that there is nothing new, or never-before seen, it’s that comfort factor that players understand what’s happening and where they stand. The hook in this slot machine is of course the music and the whole atmosphere that is set. That’s what makes Deadmau5 unique and standout from all the others. In fact, you may find yourself coming back to play again and again strictly because you can’t get enough of the tunes.

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