Dawn of the Vikings

Dawn of the Vikings sounds like an epic slot adventure, and you won’t be disappointed by the excitement of this game. The fact that you can win up to $246,000 is enough of a draw to catch your attention, and 40 paylines make it possible for all potential players.

Key Features

Let’s waste no time discussing the best features of this Viking-themed offering from Aurum Studios. The biggest one to talk about is the Nudging Wilds event, where you can trigger lots of different Free Spins to boost your overall chance of winning a bigger prize. These are color-coded win features where you get a certain number of spins based on the correlating color that shows up on your screen. So you might be awarded five free spins, for instance, but it can go all the way up to ten if you are really lucky.

What Are Your Chances Of Winning a Top Prize?

Like every slot out there, the chance of winning big is slimmer than seeing a small cash prize. However, there is an impressively high RTP on Dawn of the Vikings, which is registered as 96.4% overall. What this means for you is that every time you play, there is a bigger and better chance of triggering a prize in your cash pot, and it really is all to play for when you think about what’s on offer.

High Volatility

Lots of veteran slot players search for games that have high volatility. This is simply because, with these games, there is a far bigger scope for seeing a major cash return from your original stake. The maximum you can bet is $20, but when you play at the highest level like this, and you play all the way through, triggering enough free spins and jackpot multiplier rounds, the big money is there for the taking. It is also worth noting that the minimum stake for this game is $0.20, so don’t expect to be able to play for dimes because that’s not what it’s all about.

Is It Fun?

This is a great game for people who like a bit of entertainment while they play. If you are someone who gets distracted by characters, then you should look elsewhere. Why? Because there are Vikings galore scattered about and popping up, especially when you trigger bonus features during gameplay. However, if you love the fun factor and fancy leaning into a theme, then this game has a lot to offer. On the screen, you will see a 5x4 style grid with up to 40 paylines, which makes it a fairly standard format, but a great one nonetheless.

You Can Boost Your Chance of Winning Too

The last point worth mentioning is that players are given a chance to increase the odds through in-game booster purchases. Pay for the extra features, and you automatically boost the chance of a win. Dawn of the Vikings has much to love, and players will see credible returns on their original stake if they play for long enough.