Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon is a creation from Infinity Dragon Studios, ready to take players on an intriguing journey. Offering the chance to win 12,650x the original bet, the stakes are high, and the theme is a good one filled with heroes and compelling storylines. This review covers the main features players will experience throughout their gameplay session and uncovers the best details that make it stand out in the world of slots.

Key Statistics

Let’s start by naming the best features and critical statistics. Any potential player yearns to know these things before they take the leap and make a bet or settle into a play session. This is the scoop.


The RTP rate is on the right side for decent winnings, at 96.08%. This is something to avoid turning your head at and will mean you could win a favor if you decide to play.


The volatility is high. This means that although the winning potential is major, the payout is less likely. That is not to say that you won’t trigger a prize as you go through the motions of playing, but you won’t win as often as medium or low-volatility options.

What You Can Win

There are many ways to win in Crimson Moon, and this section explores the big symbols to watch. The minimum bet for players is $0.10, and the maximum is $20.

Free Spins

The ever-classic free spins feature is all over Crimson Moon. To activate the free spins feature, you must collect three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once a free spin is on the main screen, you can get 10 more by landing on the Scatter Super Block symbol.

Link and Win

The main appeal is always going to be the Link and Win option. Every time you get a Link&Win symbol triggered on the screen, there is the option to secure a prize! This is typically a cash prize or a bonus feature like a free spins booster. This has proven to be a highly popular component of Crimson Moon, and it will keep players enticed as they play.

The Theme Appeal

Crimson Moon is comic book-esque, with dark imagery and entertaining costume choices for the cartoon characters throughout. The symbols are not typically bright and cheery, instead opting for a moodier, faux-sinister approach. It is all very heavily influenced by the likes of old-school Batman and so on. The compelling and engaging story draws players into the world and makes it slightly different from the happy-go-lucky slot options in this arena. Crimson Moon is the place to be if you are looking for something wild and different with a hint of tepid danger.

Crimson Moon has everything a player needs for a great experience. The RTP is worthy, and the potential for significant earnings is apparent. There is a hint of mystery and a powerful theme that carries the core features to successful heights of entertainment and gameplay viability.