Chicago Gold Review

There was a time when the underworld did actually control almost all land-based casinos in the United States, but that time is long gone for the most part. However, Chicago Gold revisits the classic days of suited Italian Mafiosos in the 1920s. However, in this slot game, they are not competing for the gambling market, but rather, Chicago’s then-infamous, counterfeit products market.

Basic Information

Developed by PearFiction exclusively for Microgaming casinos, Chicago Gold is a brand new, 5 x 5 slot with mafia bosses, guns, feisty damsels, corrupt police officers and of course, gold. It’s a highly volatile slot (high variance) with up to 40 paylines, and an RTP of 96%. The new game is a high risk – high gain online slot, which is the type that can help a player win the highest of jackpots.

Bonus Features

Chicago Gold certainly has no shortage of bonuses, and if you can use them right, winning a huge jackpot is not totally out of the question for those that are fairly experienced with how high-volatility slots work. Expect the following bonus features and rounds to keep you interested in the slot for long hours:

  • Free Spins
  • Respins
  • Collect
  • Respin Collect
  • Multiplier Collect
  • Big Boss Jackpot

Multiplatform Support

There’s every type of OS support in Chicago Gold that one can possibly expect from a modern online casino game. This means that aside from the usual HTML5 browser support for Mac and Windows, the slot also runs seamlessly, and without compromise on mobiles platforms based on Android and iOS. In case you are wondering, Chicago Gold does support the iPadOS as well, and you are likely to have an even better experience on the bigger screen. Whether you play the slot from a browser or a dedicated mobile application depends on the Microgaming casino where you will be playing it. Either way, the game will be supported on all mobile devices.

Should You Try Chicago Gold?

Released in early 2021, the PearFiction game sports decent visuals and a very impressive audio track that immediately reminds you of an era gone by. While there might not be too many people around today to feel nostalgic about the 1920s, thanks to old movies and classic music of the time, most of us have a romantic idea regarding how things were in post-World War 1 America. It explores the noir-crime and corruption theme of the 20s quite well, which is something unique in a genre that is overcrowded with ancient Egyptian, Magic and Jewel themed games.

Due to the high volatility and a decent RTP, players also stand to win big, although they may not win often. By all means, Chicago Gold is a good slot game with a rare, if not unique theme and excellent execution. Try it out with free spins at a Microgaming casino yourself, before deciding whether the online slot is actually worth your time or not. Chances are that you will get to like the new slot game quite a bit.

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