Play Classic Blackjack with Picture-Perfect Bonus!

This game from Switch Studios has a perfect twist on a casino classic. Blackjack is one of the card-playing world’s finest gambling games, and the Picture Perfect Bonus manages to make it even better. The addition of a simple side bet lets you play this game at another level and get up to 25x returns.

Picture-Perfect Betting

The standard game of Classic Blackjack forms the base of Classic Blackjack with Picture-Perfect Bonus, and it is a great representation with smooth, crisp graphics and gameplay. On the side of your standard blackjack bet is space for your Picture-Perfect side bet. It has an RTP of 99.44% and very low volatility.

Here you place a separate pile of chips and take a chance on your hand being two picture cards. Not only do these set you up nicely to beat the dealer with a hand of 20, a tough one to beat, but you can claim a big return on your Picture-Perfect bet.

Any pair of picture cards gets you a 4 to 1 return, get a straight flush of picture cards for double the prize at 8 to 1. Where it gets really rewarding is when your picture cards are suited. Any suited two picture cards get a massive 17:1 return on your bet, and a pair of suited Kings, Queens, or Jacks pays out at 25:1. All these bets are on the first deal, you can win on a Perfect-Picture pair, and still play on to beat the dealer at blackjack!

Suited To You

This great take on a casino classic lets you tailor the game to suit your style. You bet with chips on the table, and the minimum bet starts at $1.00 for the blackjack game. You can then place another $1 or more on your Picture-Perfect side bet. The maximum amount you can put on the table is $600.00 worth of chips, so whatever level you like to play at you can find the right bet for you.

With four ways to win up to 25 to 1 on the Picture-Perfect side bet, the maximum amount you can win on a game is $3,500.00 and a just $1 bet on the side could earn you an extra $25.00 on top of your hand. Betting on the Picture-Perfect side is an option, you can just bet on your game of blackjack if you want to; the choice is yours.

Don’t Forget The Blackjack

The Picture-Perfect side bet is a lot of fun, but the quality of this blackjack game should not be overlooked. The picture is perfect when you are playing this game, with a simple but elegant look and easy-to-navigate controls. The full rules of blackjack are in play, so you can double down or split hands if your deal gives you the chance to.

The game doesn’t let you make mistakes easily either, with a handy caution feature that checks if you want to stand at 11 or hit at 17. Everyone loves a fair croupier at the table. This game has it all! Play a few hands and enjoy a clean and crisp game of blackjack, with a twist, on Classic Blackjack with Picture-Perfect Bonus.

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