Straight from the minds of Neko Games, Catrina is a spectacular Bingo-based game with inspiring artwork, fantastic visuals, and a heavily consistent theme running throughout. If you’re an online casino game fan looking to break away from average slots, look no further than Catrina.

Payments and Stats

You can bet anywhere between $0.20 and $40.00 to play this game, which has an RTP of 95.09%, medium volatility, and a maximum jackpot of 5000x the bet. When you do the math, assuming the highest bet, you can take away $200,000.

Calaveras Jackpot

Every single ball drawn during the game, whether it’s initial or extra, rewards players with a skull shot straight from the Ball Drum and stored in the Calaveras Jackpot panel. When the round comes to an end, a Jackpot Prize is won if there are 6+ skulls stored. There are a total of four jackpots to be won from Catrina, including:

  • 6 skulls (Bronze) – 60x bet per ticket value
  • 7 skulls (Silver) – 160x bet per ticket value
  • 8 skulls (Emerald) – 1000x bet per ticket value
  • 9 skulls (Catrina) – 5000x bet per ticket value

This feature will only activate when all four bingo tickets are activated for play.

The Portraits

When bonus 1 is activated, you’ll be plunged into a mine to take part in a minigame. There are five levels in total, and you need to select different wall sections bearing dynamite. Depending on your choice, you’ll be taken to the next level, win a prize, or have the option to collect.

Once you’ve selected a wall, the portrait will tell you what’s behind it. Depending on the bonus level, you can win between 60 - 500x your bet alongside a fixed 550x bet for reaching the end of the minigame. In some cases, an additional prize will appear at the end to increase the winning pot.

The Piñatas

Bonus 2 is another minigame with five levels, but this time it involves selecting Piñatas to reveal either a prize or the end of the game. This bonus round aims to collect as much prize money as possible, and each Piñatas can reward between 28 and 350x the bet. As well as this, there’s also a fixed 400x bet payment when the bonus comes to an end. Again, a random mystery prize can also appear at the end.

The Cemetery

Entering bonus 3 takes you on a journey into the cemetery, which features 8x “Day of the Dead” tombstones. As with other bonuses, you’ll need to select a tombstone to be rewarded prizes, continuation, or “collection”. Prizes sit between 20 and 80x the bet - with a 400x bet given if the natural end of the bonus round is reached.

Wild Ball

Wild Ball allows you to place an additional number that’s not present on the tickets. The Wild Ball can be gifted when you buy a ball as well, but there are no guarantees. When this feature is activated, you’ll be told to “choose the best number”.

Have a go on this exciting bingo game, and Catrina will leave you thirsty for more. The mechanics are interesting, and the minigames simply add to the overall allure of the game.