Cat Clans Slot Review

Everyone knows that cats are cute, and Snowborn Games play on this extremely well in Cat Clans. Sat in the Scottish Highlands, this feline frenzy brings everyone’s favorite pet to life. If you think about the Disney classic Aristocats, but update the graphics and put swords, axes, wands, and arrows in their hands, you’ve got Cat Clans. All you need to steal a spin on this pawesome game is $0.20, and you can crawl away with a potential winning of 20,000x stake. If you want to know more about this fun slot game, you’ve come to the right place.


As mentioned above, this cat-fueled game is set in the Scottish Highlands in the midst of a cat fight. There are burning catapults and a Camelot-esque castle, which the cats are presumably fighting over. There are four Cat Clan characters, which appear as the special icons. Their names are Clan Mac Feline, Clan Mac Whiskers, Clan Mac Tabby, and Clan Mac Cattus. Further, there are fun cat-related symbols including fish bones. To the left of the 5 x 3 slot, there is a treasure chest that activates during the Cat Clan bonus.

Bonus Features

Look out for these great bonus features!

Clan Battle Bonus

Throughout Cat Clans, there are random golden claw symbols that can appear over the Cat Clan characters. When the random symbol appears, it activates the treasure chest in the left corner and has the potential to provoke this awesome bonus feature. When this feature is activated, the Cat Clan characters are assigned a cash sum. Then, throughout the bonus spins, the cat whose symbols appear the most will give you their cash. There can only be one cat clan winner in this instance. If there is a draw, a bonus spin will be given to decide the outcome.

Cat-a-Pult Free Spins

To activate this bonus feature, you need to land 3x scatter symbols across reels 1, 3, and 5. After which, you will be gifted a 1.5x the bet and 3 free feature spins. When this feature is activated, the number of spins is reset depending on if you gain more matches. Further, during your free spins, the scatters become Sticky Wilds. Every spin remaining, the catapult will launch and add a +1 multiplier to the Sticky Wilds. However, you can only get a maximum of x9 multiplier during this feature.

FTP, Minimum Bet, and Volatility

This game is considered highly volatile, with a typical RTP of 96%. However, at times, the game ticks over with a pitiful 33.29% RTP. That being said, the game is extremely fun, and at only $0.20 per spin and a potential 20,000x stake win, there’s no reason you shouldn’t play.


This slot game is perfect for those looking for a cute bundle that packs a punch. The feline battlefield is the perfect destination for any aspiring knight looking to make their fortune. The volatility may be very high, but the excitement and bonus features more than make up for it. So, what are you waiting for?

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