Cash Printer Heist Slot Review

How would you like to take part in a high-stakes heist? Imagine being able to get away with an unlimited amount of money thanks to being able to print it. That's exactly the premise behind the Cash Printer Heist slot game, which is new from iNO Games. This one will be available to play in early December and is already creating buzz thanks to its fun premise, engaging special features, and plenty of graphics and animations to catch your eye.

Below we take a deep dive into all things Cash Printer Heist so you can decide if it’s a game you’ll want to check out.

iNO Games Is Making Its Mark

If you haven't yet heard of iNO Games, don't be surprised, as this is just their second new release as of late. The other game released was Cleopatra's Golden Spells, which was a different premise. It shows the developer is willing to take chances, try different themes, and engage with players and what they are looking for today.

Get in on the Heist

So, getting back to the heist, two characters have embarked on the journey in hopes of hitting it rich and being able to print their cash. Your heist will need to be deemed successful to hit the jackpot though, so there is lots of playing ahead of you.

Players will love the animated characters here - Lola and Martin, as well as other symbols like sticks of dynamite, a cellphone, the vault, the getaway car, masks, wilds, and more. The backing image looks like the inside of a vault, so you’ll never forget what your goal is, which is to get in and get out with huge winnings.

You'll also find all your stats are seamlessly integrated into the reels/rows, so much so that you may not even notice them at first. Additional features are found on the right hand of the screen, again, out of the way of your playing area.

What Are Your Odds of Hitting It Big?

You're probably curious about what your odds are of hitting it big and getting away with the heist. Looking at the statistics, this one features an RTP of 96% and a medium volatility rating. There are five reels and three rows but only three paylines. That's probably the only con in the game, as some players prefer a large number of paylines.

Minimum bets are set at $0.10, and the maximum is $20. You can win up to 3,200 times your stake.

Cash Printer Heist Is Serving Up the Special Features

Another thing Cash Printer Heist does well is serve up a lot of special features. These are packed with fun and chances to win big. The Cash Printer Bonus could see you winning a big cash prize. If you land a Martin or Lola symbol that falls next to a safe door symbol, this feature is automatically triggered. You can then use the Cash Printing Machine, print bills, and hopefully land on multipliers. The Timer Feature is important in that it will give you more time to use the cash machine.

There is also the multiplier respin that can be triggered, which then increases the multiplier by 10x. It’s easy to see how this will pay off in a big way quickly, especially since it applies to all the wins that happened in that respin.

Print Your Cash, Have a Blast, and Win Big

So, if you’re ready for a slot machine that delivers thrills and excitement from the get-go, you’re going to want to check out Cash Printer Heist slots. Now is your chance to take part in a high-stakes heist.

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