Bust The Mansion Slot Review

Do you like your slot machines with a bit of excitement and mystery involved? If so, you may appreciate Bust The Mansion where the storyline is a heist that you're part of. The developer, Pulse 8 Studios, has worked with Microgaming to deliver what is meant to be a high-energy high-octane game. And while there isn't anything shocking or particularly new here, it does manage to deliver on the fun aspect, making it worth checking out.

Let the Heist Begin

The game kicks off with you already inside the mansion and now it’s time for the heist to begin – which hopefully equates to you winning big on the slots. The graphics and atmosphere are all very fun and in line with the theme, but not exactly high-tech. That isn't a knock to the game, however, as not every slot needs to have the most cutting-edge graphics and animations to be engaging.

The screen is clean, uncluttered, a bit mysterious and dark and the symbols are fun and fit in with a mansion heist theme. The layout is what makes the game even more fun as all stats are easy to find on the screen. The slots themselves take up two thirds of the screen, leaving plenty of space for all the other details. All in all, it will leave you satisfied without being over the top.

Breaking Down the Key Statistics

The graphics and animations are important, sure, but for most players, it’s all about the game itself. What’s the gameplay like, and what are the bonuses and the important statistics? Bust The Mansion has an RTP of 94.09%, a hit frequency of 35.11%, the volatility is high and there are 25 paylines with a 5x3 layout. The minimum bet is set at $0.25 with the maximum set to $25, giving lots of space in between. The maximum win is 10,000 times the stake, which can work out to an impressive jackpot.

What these stats tell you is that the game isn’t a walk in the park if you hope to win, but there are still plenty of chances to strike it big.

How About the Bonuses?

But what makes a slot game pop and continue to bring you back are the bonuses. This is where things can get exciting. Bust The Mansion certainly has a handful of features in this category meant to keep players engaged.

The list of bonus features is quite long and includes:

  • Free spins
  • Bonus game
  • Hold and spin
  • Bonus symbols
  • Guaranteed Wild in free spins
  • Respins
  • Scatter symbols
  • Lock It Link
  • Wilds

There are also the jackpot symbols that will determine your winnings. There are four levels which are mini, minor, major and mega which range from 20x to 1,000x the stake. What makes this even more lucrative is the fact that you can land on more than one of these.

At the very least, the Bust The Mansion slot machine is worth a look since it’s easy to follow, engaging to play and there are some great opportunities for winning big.

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