Bushi Sushi Slot Game Review

Bushi Sushi is a soon-to-be-released slot machine game by Gold Coin Studios. Making use of colorful cartoon graphics, Bushi Sushi revolves around – yep, you guessed it – sushi and other Japanese cuisine. The game is intended for more casual players who take slot gaming less seriously and therefore has a low-to-medium volatility overall, meaning that you are more likely to gain some form of payout – no matter how small – from your stake.

Betting and Prizes

Wagers for Bushi Sushi, begin at just $0.10 – or $0.01 per line – for the more casual player, while boasting the ability to accept wagers of $30 per line or $300 per spin.

Although the low-to-medium volatility means you’re unlikely to obtain a large payout from your wagers, you are guaranteed some form of recompense regardless, making playing the game much more worthwhile and achieving a balance that many other slot games lack.

Key Features

Offering 10 active lines across 5x3 reels, the more difficult setup of Bushi Sushi is offset by the game volatility and 96.06% RTP.

The game’s more prominent features, and much more boast-worthy features, are the free spins, mega symbols, wilds, and scatters it offers. It’s also mobile-friendly, meaning that you can play wherever you are to alleviate boredom and try your luck.

The Buzz

Exclusively available via Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, the game has many slot players excited for its release, particularly due to its status as a game developed by a smaller game studio. This is because these studios typically care more about producing a game that is fun and appeals to a niche fan base, as opposed to trying to milk profits from a mediocre, carbon-copy with medium-high volatility.

As well as the game mechanics, the graphics have created a buzz amongst players, who anticipate colorful, kitsch Japanese-inspired cartoon images of sushi characters.

The game has yet to be fully released but already looks set to be a moderate success amongst casual slot gamers. The theme, while fairly unoriginal amongst a plethora of other sushi-based games (Sushi Slot, So Much Sushi), at least appears to contain Samurai warrior-inspired sushi characters that look both cute and mildly menacing. To stand out from the crowd a bit more, and to celebrate Japanese culture in its entirety, the game could perhaps include other symbols and features, in addition to the sushi characters and images.

The payouts for the game aren’t high because of the low-to-medium volatility, and the RTP is middling at 96.06%, but wagers can be placed from as low as $0.10 per spin. For the daring risk-takers of the slot world, wagers as high as $300 per spin can be placed – although they are not likely to induce a high payout.

To increase its potential and home in on a niche group, Bushi Sushi could reduce the range of wagers; at the minute, it is aiming to appeal to all different players and will likely not harness the attention of one particular group as a result – unlikely to result in large gains, despite the high wagers that can be made. The game will, however, be free to play and available on mobile phones, allowing you to play anywhere, at any time, so why not have a go?

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