Break da Bank Again Video Bingo

You know the famous word - it's time to shout it out - BINGO! Thanks to technology, this is a game you can enjoy in your own home and Break da Bank Again Video Bingo slots are the way to do it. This is a new release from Neko Games and it's vying to be the hit of the summer, packing the game full of surprises, fun and challenge. For true flexibility, you can play the game on mobile and PC devices, which means you can even play on the go.

Wondering if Break Da Bank Again Video Bingo slots have what you look for in a game? Here’s an in-depth review of all the details you’ll want to know.

Let's Cover the Statistics First

While not always the most exciting part of the game, the statistics are important and can determine the level of fun and winning you can expect. Break da Bank Again Video Bingo features an RTP of 95.82%, volatility of mid-high which can be more approachable, 19 patterns, four tickets, a minimum bet of $0.05, and a maximum of $40. Players can win up to $129,450.

Want to Hit It Big? You've Got a Chance

If you like the idea of knowing you could hit it big at any time, then the special features and bonuses in Break da Bank Again Video Bingo will certainly appeal to you. Standout features include free balls, wild balls, and the big jackpot.

The Big Jackpot is what you want to be aiming for, but you'll need some luck on your side to succeed. The Big Jackpot pays out up to 5,000 times the stake. It works as a fixed prize multiplier of 5,000x. The winnings are calculated based on the bet per ticket value. This jackpot is then awarded to any of the players that manage to get BINGO during the initial draw portion of the play. All four tickets also have to be enabled to qualify.

As you can see, things are kept pretty simple and streamlined which tends to please the majority of players. No one wants to spend time understanding the rules and potentially miss out on big bets and big winnings.

Just as Impressive is the Big Vault Bonus

While we've gone in-depth about the Big Jackpot, that's not the only feature that can alter gameplay and provide you with an impressive payout. The Big Vault Bonus is also exciting, giving players a chance to win up to 1850x. Sure, it’s not quite as big as the jackpot, but it’s still going to pay handsomely.

The way this one works is that there is a five-level picker game. In this game, there are many instant cash prizes. Throughout the levels, you'll be picking different items. In order of appearance, these items are Golden Coins, Bills, Golden Ingots, Diamonds, and the bonus finishes with the Vaults.

If you’re ready to kick back, relax and enjoy some online casino action then Break da Bank Again Video Bingo should be on your list of must-play hits.

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