Break Da Bank Again Respin Online Slot Review

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to rob a bank then you must try this re-mastered online slot game straight from the experts in online slots, Microgaming. If you don’t want to end up in a jail cell but want to try your luck robbing the bank and making some money, then Break Da Bank Again Respin allows you to do just that. A new and improved version of Break da Bank slot, here we delve into this re-mastered game and its exciting new features.

Features of Break Da Bank Again Respin

This slot machine is a lot smaller than some, with 5 reels but just 9 paylines. Whilst this may seem like a negative, fewer paylines mean more chances at winning big. This volatile slot game also has an exciting new bonus round. The main reason for its name, Break Da Bank Again Respin, provides a fantastic 50 Free Spins, meaning you can continue to spin those reels over and over again!

Break Da Bank Again Respin has a very unique feature in the paid version of the game, which allows you to re-spin just one reel. With this option not available on most other video slots, this game stands out from the rest. Once you have completed a paid spin, the buttons which are placed underneath each reel allow you to select just one to re-spin. This increases the player’s chances of getting a winning combination. If you get luckier still, you could use this extra re-spin to activate the Free Spins feature.

Safe Scatter symbols also deliver a prize of anywhere from 15-25 Free Spins, but this all depends on whether you hit 3 or 5 Safe Scatter symbols. Additionally, this round features a 5x multiplier on all winnings. If a Wild Symbol appears in your Free Spin win, the multiplier then increases to a whopping 25x! The Wild’s and Scatter’s within this game make it both unique and enticing.


If you have ever played Break da Bank Again, the slot game will look quite similar in its graphics. Saying this, the graphics are much more refined and the whole game is obviously designed around money and finance. Gameburger Studios are the original makers of this game, who made it for release by Microgaming.

The most common features you will find within the game include a jewel, a check, the Vault, the game’s logo, and both letter and number symbols. This re-make is a much smoother gameplay experience than its first and second version, although the RTP has decreased by 0.32%. If you want to win big, look out for the purple jewel on your game reels. If you hit 5 of these, you will be rewarded with 166x the original stake. The best payout within this game is an amazing 4,411x the original stake.

When to Expect Break Da Bank Again Respin

Break Da Bank Again Respin is already out and ready to play. With several ways to win big and with the chance to win 50 Free Spins, Break Da Bank Again Respin will provide you with a gaming experience that will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat.

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