Break Away Deluxe Review

Microgaming is an important part of the online casino landscape, producing games for all the biggest online casinos. Microgaming is renowned for their quality and their titles rarely disappoint. However, their sequels are still able to deliver an enhanced experience compared to the previous titles. Break Away Deluxe is a refined version of the popular Break Away slot game, bringing a number of improvements to the table while still retaining the best features of the original.

Features of Break Away Deluxe

Break Away Deluxe repeats the 5 reel setup of its predecessor, with 88 lines. The multiplier trails can reach as high as 8X, netting you a nice bonus on your winnings. As well as multipliers that can ratchet up your winnings, Break Away Deluxe also offers a number of other features, such as wildcards and free spins, that enable players to get more value from their play time.

One of the defining features of Break Away Deluxe is its use of Rolling Reels. This feature means that each time the player wins, symbols are removed and their respective reels, therefore, roll over to a different symbol. This can set off a chain reaction of wins that all augment one another.

The game’s logo serves as one of the symbols, appearing on the three reels at the end of the line. There is also a wildcard symbol, which will appear on the second reel when the players earns free spins. The game’s Growing Wilds feature causes the value of this wildcard to go up with each spin.

Another unique feature is the Smashing Wild feature, which is triggered randomly rather than by a symbol. These bonuses land on the central three reels and guarantee the player a win for that round.

Last but not least, there are puck icons among the symbols on the reels. These puck icons will earn the player 12 free spins. During these free spins, the Growing Wilds feature becomes available. You can also earn up to 8X multipliers from the rolling reels feature.


Players make a number of choices when they place a bet on Break Away Deluxe. You can choose between 18 and 88 lines to be active for any spin, with your wager being automatically adjusted accordingly. Players can add to their wager if they choose. At the lower end, with just 18 lines active, you will pay $0.18 per wager. However, if you bet on all 88 lines, you can pay up to $0.50 on each line, adding up to $44 per spin.

If you can trigger the free spins on Break Away Deluxe then you will be able to earn the biggest prizes. It is during these free spins that you will be able to score multipliers that can go as high as 8X, potentially turning relatively small winnings into a huge amount.

When to Expect Break Away Deluxe

Break Away Deluxe is set to be released on the 23rd July 2019. Based on the buzz generated so far, it looks certain to be just as much of a hit as its predecessor.

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