Boom Pirates Review

Pirates have been a popular theme in casinos for a long time, but it seems like they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years and have been replaced by certain other themes, like Egyptian themes and fantasy games. It’s good to see that the style is making a big comeback with solid names like “Boom Pirates”, because the market has definitely been lacking in quality pirate-themed casino games lately. “Boom Pirates” in particular is a great package, all things considered, and it does many things better than your average game on the market right now.

Key Details

You will initially get a 5x4 grid which can be further expanded to 9x6 along the way, significantly boosting your chances of winning. The game is designed for those who are willing to invest more time in it, with stronger returns the more you continue to play. A player’s chances actually go up over time, which makes this a good investment for those who want to play something for a longer term. Most of the symbols are pretty classic for the genre, but are styled in a pirate theme as one would expect. There are several bonus triggers spread throughout which can be unlocked additionally, allowing you to maximize your rewards.


The game immediately stands out with the quality of its art and overall design, and will make a solid first impression on anyone, both experienced players and newcomers to the field alike. It’s clear that the developers have put a bit more effort into polishing it too. For example, the art for the various characters looks much more unique and individual than the typical casino game with its lifeless-looking mascots. You might actually find yourself getting sucked into the world created by the developers of “Boom Pirates”, so be prepared to spend some time on this game!


The game also offers several special features which are unlocked along the way. Every spin starts with a random number check to see if you’ll activate the Boom Pirates feature, named after the game itself. It will randomly expand your grid, so it’s an attractive one to chase after. You will also want to look out for Free Spins and Buyout. Foxify will raise the probability of triggering Boom Pirates. This kind of synergy is common for many of the features of the game as a whole, making it perfect for those who like to take advantage of multiple features simultaneously, and enjoy games with a bit more depth to them as well.

All things considered, “Boom Pirates” is one of the best offers on the market right now, and a great throwback to the classic old theme of pirates and loot. It’s not for everyone, as it has some unique quirks that you’ll need to get used to, but it’s one of the better games to have hit the market in recent times. Definitely worth giving this one a try if you’re feeling bored and want to spice up your playing with something new and more exciting.

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