Blazing Mammoth XL Review

If you’ve been searching for a new slot game with over 7,000 paylines, your search is finally over. This medium volatility addition to the online gambling arena has an ever-impressive RTP of 96.09% and a fantastic betting range. Brace yourself for potential winnings of 5,000x whatever you put down and plenty of great in-game bonus features to keep you entertained as you move through this tundra-themed, visually pleasing slot.

What’s The Setup?

Blazing Mammoth XL has 5 reels and 3 rows, a fairly common configuration for online slot games. However, what sets it apart is the stunning graphics and enticing background effects, which include snowy scenes and artic animals galore. With the option for Bonus Buys as well, there is a lot to enjoy. There are twelve symbols in total, and we will run through them below.

Low Paying Symbols

There are four low-paying symbols that can appear at any point during gameplay. These are represented by four letters:

  • J
  • Q
  • K
  • A

High Paying Symbols

It is the high-paying symbols that you really want. If you manage to land a mammoth, sabretooth tiger, wolf, or prehistoric-looking rhino, you know you’re about to win something substantial.

The Rest

The remaining four symbols include Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Split Mammoth, and Respin Mammoth. The highest-paying symbol is always a mammoth, as this is the whole theme of the game! Don’t feel caught out by the variations because it’s really quite simple. A Split Mammoth symbol is a great one to show up as it adds three extra symbols to the five reels, one of which will then be split into six additional symbols. The Respin Mammoth will grant the player a respin of the reel it is found on.

How Do the Free Spins Work?

The Free Spin feature is also straightforward. If you land a free spin, you will have landed three scatter symbols on the screen in the mid-three reels. The amount of free spins awarded depends on where the wheel lands and what the multiplier turns out to be.

What About the Bonus Buys?

If you want to boost your chances, there is an option for Bonus Buys, which a lot of players love. These premium features give you access to the multipliers and most compelling features of the Blazing Mammoth XL game scape. Your options are:

  • 15 Free Spins and 8x Multiplier
  • Random
  • 12 Free Spins and 5x Multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins and 3x Multiplier
  • 8 Free Spins 2x Multiplier

Can You Win Big?

Yes, you can! The minimum bet is $0.20, and the maximum is $50, and the more you bet, in theory, the more you win. Considering that the maximum return is 5,000 x your stake, there are a lot of great options here to see some serious money. The high RTP means that there is everything to play for too.

Blazing Mammoth XL is all about the snow scenes, fun graphics, and great features during gameplay. There is a lot to like, and it is definitely worth keeping it on the radar.