Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky™

If blackjack is your game of choice when it comes to casino action then you're going to want to check out the Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky offering. This one is a new release set to launch in November and comes from Switch Studios. Designed to be an easy to understand game, it's perfect for newbies and blackjack pros who are looking for something engaging to enjoy.

The Rule are Basic and Straightforward

A big trend among online casino games right now seems to be to add as many bells and whistles as possible. And while that may appeal to some players, others are looking for a more simplistic experience that stays true to the game itself. That is exactly what Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky offers. The strategies are basic and the rules are set and there is no confusion here. It’s an approachable game that certainly has a calling. Even if you're new to blackjack, this can still be a great option that won't feel intimidating.

How About the Gaming Statistics?

Some players prefer to choose their games based on the statistics and if that sounds like you then you’re going to want to check out all these figures. Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky has a variance that is rated at very low and an RTP of 99.57%. It goes back to that approachable gaming model. The maximum win is 24,125 the stake, which isn't too shabby at all.

The minimum bet is $1 while the maximum is $200. There's no word yet on how many betways are offered, but considering the game just had another update earlier this week, information is bound to leak soon.

Features Worth Noting for Players

This new release also has some notable features that might help to spark your interest. These include the fact that it can be played on your mobile device or desktop computer; it can be played from three locations all at the same time; and you can make use of Turbo Mode, Left Hand Mode, Split Hands, Double Down and Side Bet.

The screen itself is noticeably simple-looking which, for many players, is exactly what they are after. There are no busy graphics and animations to take away from the gameplay; instead, it's just your cards and the basic stats. In this sense, it feels a bit more realistic because you can imagine it would look and feel this way if you were sitting at a table playing blackjack.

Blackjack is easily one of the most popular games in brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online casinos. Often referred to as Twenty-One, it can act as that entry game into the world of casino action. It is often featured in movies and television shows when depicting a casino scene thanks to the fact that it has universal appeal and recognition. If blackjack is your game of choice and you’re looking for a simple, basic and yet engaging iteration of it online, Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky is well worth checking out.

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