Big Mouth Fishin’

Are you ready to do some fishing and see if luck is on your side? We've found an enjoyable way to enjoy this hobby: Big Mouth Fishin' online slots. The game takes a nod from the popular pastime, creating an experience where gamers will feel like they are on the verge of catching the big one – in this case, the big win – at any time. Let's look at everything Big Mouth Fishin' has to offer.

Statistics That Will Catch the Attention of High Rollers

If you consider yourself an experienced online slot machine buff or even a high roller, you'll appreciate what Big Mouth Fishin' offers regarding the statistics. The RTP is 96.08% and has a variance that ranges from medium to high. Oros Gaming is the provider, and this one has an eye-catching hit frequency of 30.33%. You don't often find hit frequencies that high, so that alone makes the game exciting.

Other notable statistics include a minimum bet of just $0.10 and a maximum of $20. That's a massive spread, so you can see how it would appeal to many players. The layout is a 5x3 grid, which results in 25 paylines. Players can win up to 12,500 times the stake, another impressive stat.

A Plethora of Special Features to Hit It Big With

You can't talk about the highlights of a new online slot game without discussing the unique features and bonuses. Big Mouth Fishin' offers many opportunities to extend gameplay or even increase your winnings, thanks to the many features.

Special features include such things as:

  • Free Spins
  • Fixed Jackpots
  • Bonus Bet
  • Bonus Symbols
  • Bonus Game
  • Mega Symbol
  • Lock I Link
  • Hold and Spin
  • Wild
  • Scatter Symbols

Regarding the best special feature, the Fishing Boat Wild will get you hyped up. This wild makes it possible to win a variety of combinations, some of which can pay up to 500 times the stake. The Link & Win is also fun because you can win free spins, fixed jackpots, and cash prizes.

It’s Time to Cast Your Rod

Besides the stats and the gaming features, Big Mouth Fishin' also features a fun and immersive theme. There's just something so cute about these fishing-style games that always seem to draw interest. You'll find plenty of classic fish symbols here, and of course, the backing imagery helps to set the scene - which is underwater and teeming with marine life.

The playing grid can seem small because it is relatively compact. The developer has managed to fill the space with other important details, however, helping to give it a more balanced look.

Enjoy a Little Fishing All Year Round

So, if you like the idea of enjoying fishing right from the comfort of your home, why not check out Big Mouth Fishin' and see how online slots manage to take this theme and run with it?