Bank Vault Slot Game Review

The latest and greatest slot game from SpinPlay, Bank Vault is set inside of a bank where players have to spin a multiplier to earn cash prizes. This game is considered the first from SpinPlay to feature a game centered around money.

The player is presented with a burglar trying to rob a bank in Paris, including visual graphics that are captivating, where players can steal diamonds from others online. The Bank Vault slot game is a decent option if you are looking for something with a rewarding payout that is also free to play. Here is the low down of what you can expect.

Return-To-Player Ratio

The RTP of a game determines how much a player can reasonably expect to win back over a certain number of spins. The higher the RTP, the high your chances are of winning big, but it also means a higher risk to play. This slot game is considered to be high volatility, which makes it ideal for regular slot gamers who are willing to bet more for a larger payout.

The minimum that you can bet is $0.27 with the most being $27. There are five reels crossed with three lines which is the most common setup for slot games, however, this one has more pay lines. This means that your potential jackpot could be almost $100,000.

Multipliers, Spins, and Wild Cards

The game features 11 symbols ranging from gems, diamonds, gold bars, and precious jewelry. There is also a wild symbol as a form of bonus that will pay out almost 100 times more than the bet. Called specifically the stacked wild, this feature is important to build your multiplier for bigger bonuses and boosted wins. You can use the stacked wild to replace other symbols and create groupings symbols to win bigger.

As you win more rounds you earn free spins. With enough free spins, you can use the 3x multiplier to boost your initial winnings. To win free spins you need to collect at least five scatter symbols that trigger the bonus features. Once you have enough scatter symbols, you will activate the main area of the game and evolve to the next stage.


With a darker design than most games, the Bank Vault also features symbols that aren’t necessarily sparkling. These however don’t impede on the experience of the game, and it is equally fun regardless. The game is themed around a heist with security lasers and beams strewn across the screen and makes for interesting background scenery.

Even with the darker setting, the accompanying lights are bright enough to navigate your way and give a glimpse into what a bank vault might look like in the dark. There are pillars and sculptures just like you would find in a fancy museum and it suits the theme of the game.

The maximum that you can win with this slot game is 5000 times more than your base bet. There is no jackpot per se, but your multipliers, respins, and the stacked wild make the game an interesting one for avid gamers to enjoy and earn big cash from.

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