Banana Drop Review

Banana Drop is one of the latest collaborations between gaming powerhouse, Microgaming, and Crazy Tooth Studios. When these two get together it’s usually good, and Banana Drop does not disappoint. Get ready to go wild in this jungle adventure!

With plenty of bonuses, and excellent game mechanics for you to monkey around with, we think that Banana Drop has everything you need in a slot machine!

From the Top of The Tree, This Game Looks Good

From a quick overview of this game, you’ll see that unlike some of the previous offerings from Crazy Tooth Studios, this game is a little more conventional and traditional. That doesn't mean it doesn’t have the quirkiness and character that the Reno based games studio has become famous for though.

With six reels and four rows, the basic mechanics of Banana Drop slot should be familiar to most players. The colorful jungle backdrop is pleasant, but not distracting, and the trees are laden with big bananas, giving you a taste of what is to come as you progress.

Fruits make up most of the symbols on the reels, with bananas being the most highly prized in this jungle. Matching and winning is a simple enough strategy, and the reel and row combination gives you plenty of ways to win, but if you unlock this game’s features, you go deeper into the jungle where the biggest and best fruit waits.

Build Big to Become Top Banana

This game has two key mechanics that work in tandem to deliver big prizes. The Big Buildup feature slowly increases the number of bananas in the trees behind the reels, and their branches become heavier and heavier as the bonus builds.

When the Falling Banana feature triggers, the bananas drop and hit the reels, adding extra banana symbols to your spins. You can add up to three bananas per reel, adding eighteen new chances to hit a cash prize or a wild symbol. When you have revealed all the prizes, the feature is over, but each spin keeps adding more bananas to the trees ready for next time.

The leaf scatter symbol is another important feature. Hit three and you will be awarded seven free Banana Drop bonus spins. Here, the Falling Banana feature is triggered with every spin, and multicolored monkey symbols appear known as ‘full stacks’. Hit one of these and it adds three bananas to the tree above it. Land the right symbols on a Banana Drop bonus spins and you will be drowning in bananas!

A Solid RTP and Bonus Structure is at the Core of This Game

This is a game that wants you to keep playing, and its RTP and bonuses reflect that. There are many ways to wins, and features and bonuses lead to one another, making the game action packed and fun to play.

Once you get the hang of the Big Buildup, you’ll see it is this slot’s killer feature, and gives you plenty to keep playing for. The look and feel of this game combine with great bonuses and a solid RTP to give players a charming and fun slot machine experience.

Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studios have done it again with Banana Drop. This fun and action-packed slot machine is a joy to play, and rewards your time and effort. Look out for it next time you go to the casino!

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