Baccarat Review

Baccarat is a timeless Eastern classic, brought up to date for the online gaming revolution, and for mobile and desktop gamers. This high-quality update brings with it a superior design and some game-changing features.

Bringing a Classic Up to Date

Having been built on the same high-performance gaming engine as Switch Studios’ massively successful collection of Blackjack games, Baccarat has the same clean graphic style, amazing sound, and a fantastic user interface that works just as well in landscape or portrait view on mobile devices. The desktop version uses all of the screen to provide an in-depth and immersive experience.

On top of this striking design and collection of strong colors that are aimed at giving avid Baccarat players the look they have been craving for some time, Switch Studio’s Baccarat also revolutionizes the game’s ‘Squeeze Mechanic’ to great effect.

Just Like the Real Thing

Switch Studios know that discerning and experienced Baccarat players want the ability to ‘peek’ at the cards, and Switch Baccarat has them covered. In this incarnation of video Baccarat, players can pull, peel, flip and rotate the cards as much as they want to.

Paired with the ability to play and peek at the playing cards is a powerful and fully customizable Scorecard feature that players can tailor to their own needs. This gives you a fully modern and updated version of this classic card game that is going to interest experienced Baccarat players and new players alike.

Follow the Rules to Win Big

This game is, of course, based on the standard table top card game of Baccarat, but with fun additions to bring it up-to-date for modern gamers. You can place dual bets on a ‘Tie Bet’, as well as banker bets or player bets. Each bet is resolved independently of the other, increasing your chances of success.

You can also make use of Baccarat’s important ‘Third Card Rule’. If the player stands on a card with a value of five or less, they get a third card. This works for bankers too; if a player stands and the banker has a card with a value of five or less, then the banker gets a third card. If either a player or the banker has a hand that totals 8 or 9, then both hands automatically stand - this rule overrides all others. Savvy Baccarat players can use these rules to their advantage to help them win.

It’s Turbo Time!

Switch Studio’s version of Baccarat also includes a turbo mode if you want to get as many games in as possible while you play. This version of the game has an extra edge, giving players less time to make their decisions, but more opportunities to win in the time they have.

This new take on the ancient Eastern classic Baccarat is sure to take the online gaming world by storm. Many online card players have been craving for a video version of Baccarat that looks and feels like the real thing, complete with all the classic rules with some added features to bring it up to date. At last, the Baccarat game they have been searching for has arrived.

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