Aztec Falls Slot Review

Are you searching for a new and exciting slot machine that is geared more towards newbie players? While plenty of offerings have a high volatility rating, which can make them more exciting, this isn't everyone's top choice. For many players, medium volatility is plenty challenging enough. This is where the upcoming launch of Aztec Falls can fit in beautifully. Powered by Mircrogaming and developed by Northern Lights Gaming, this one takes a simpler approach to slot machines which can be appreciated by many players. Let’s break down all the basics of the Aztec Falls slot machine.

A Perfect Offering for Casual and Newbie Players

If you're not the type that spends hours gaming and perfecting your skills, then you probably don't want a high volatility game. Aztec Falls is ideal for the casual or new players that want to wade into the world of online slots more gently.

It's important to note that even though the game doesn't have the same volatility as some others, there is no sacrifice to the quality, graphics and features offered. Players will still find themselves entertained and engaged, and there are plenty of factors worth making note of.

Approachable Gaming Stats

So, what do the statistics look like for Aztec Falls? What makes this game a bit more approachable? Let's start with the above-mentioned volatility rating, which is medium. The RTP is 96.10% and there is a total of 20 paylines on the 5x3 reels. The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum is $40 and the maximum payout is 5,000 times the stake.

The maximum payout is much lower than some of the other popular slots, but again it goes back to the volatility rating and who this game is meant to appeal to. The big rollers in the crowd probably won’t see much interest in this one, and that’s okay as they aren’t the target audience/player.

Do the Bonus Features Stand Out?

You may be wondering if this game has what it takes in terms of bonus features. Are there enough to keep players engaged and are they the kind of features that add something to the overall gameplay? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. The features included in this game are:

  • Wilds
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Bonus game
  • Bonus wheel
  • Bonus symbols
  • Random Wilds
  • Scatter symbols
  • Multiplier
  • Free spins
  • Respins
  • Stack
  • Random reward

The fact that you could land on these features at any time makes the game exciting and helps to keep your attention.

The Theming Gets a Shout Out As Well

Finally, there is the theme, which is executed flawlessly. The gameboard is striking and will capture your eyes immediately, with background imagery that helps to add a little mystery to the game. The colors are rich and bright at the same time, the symbols reflect the Aztec culture perfectly, and everything seems to play well off each other.

After giving Aztec Falls a try, don’t be surprised if you get hooked rather quickly. This one could easily become your new favorite casual game.

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