Avalon Scratch

Ready your sword and embark on an adventure to riches with Avalon Scratch, a new slot game based on the Microgaming platform. As its name would suggest, this game has a scratch-card like play style, but with all the benefits you’d expect from an online slot machine. This includes a win of up to 1,000 times your bet.

Avalon Scratch is set for release on March 5th 2020, which means that details on the game are fairly limited at this point. In any case, we’ve managed to put together all the essential information for you. This way, you can determine whether the game is worth a play. Read on to learn about the design, features and prizes of Avalon Scratch.

Theme and Design

Avalon Scratch takes you into the mysterious kingdom from which the game derives its namesake. The medieval theme focuses heavily on the most prized possessions of the era, with symbols including treasure chests, jewels, crowns and family shields. Theme aside, Avalon Scratch features a relatively basic design, with a 5 reel, 20 payline layout.

There’s little along the lines of striking graphics or special effects. But the game makes up for it by clearly providing all the information you need with simple buttons and easily legible text. That said, it’s far from the most stunning slot when it comes to visuals. Perhaps the features and prizes will convince more discerning players.


In Avalon Scratch, you need to match three symbols to win. You can only bet on a single card at a time and winnings are paid out depending on which symbols you land. You can only receive a payout for each card that results in a winning combination. You’ll find the multiplier value for combos on the pay tables.

Winnings are quite easy to calculate. It’s simply a matter of multiplying your total bet by the multiplier won. The standard range of bonus cards are available, which can go a long way in helping you increase your win. For instance, you can land a wild card, which can turn into any one of the other cards on surrounding reels, thus helping you win more.

Betting and Prizes

As we mentioned earlier, you can win up to 1,000 times your bet with Avalon Scratch. The minimum amount of credits you can put down is 0.25, while the maximum goes all the way up to 100 credits. With enough luck, this can result in a rather decent payout.

The RTP (return to player) for Avalon Scratch is set to a relatively generous 96.03%, while the variance is rated high. This means that you can expect a greater frequency of different outcomes between games. One major loss can immediately be followed by your biggest payout yet, and vice-versa.

Avalon Scratch offers a fairly standard range of features, but makes up for it with a good return to player value and a simple but effective design. If you’re looking for a straightforward slot game experience with a medieval twist, then Avalon Scratch is the game for you.

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