Auto Roulette Review

Evolution Gaming is well-known in the online casinos gaming industry because they make a wide variety of top-shelf casino games that appeal to a wide selection of players. Auto Roulette is one of their online casino games that is suited for players who want fast action and no personal interactions as they play. Because many people who are getting started with casino games can be intimidated by live dealers, this game is a great option. Players get the experience of playing a real roulette game without the live dealer.

Sounds and Theme

Auto Roulette aims to give you an authentic roulette gaming experience, and this is why the game uses a real roulette wheel. You also get real casino surroundings for an immersive experience. The game does not have a live dealer like you would expect so the game uses a virtual voice. The voice announces and calls the end of betting. It also announces the results of each round of play.

When you open the game, you get to choose between the 3D view and the Classic View. One thing that might disappoint is that you do not get multi-angle camera shots which are sacrificed for the sake of faster and simpler gameplay.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand even for beginners, with chips of different values colored differently so players can distinguish between them easily.


Auto Roulette is laid out like a traditional European roulette, with 37 pockets that are numbered starting at 0 and through to 36. There is also a betting grid on the table that has positions for all possible spin outcomes. To play, you need to drag the chip you want to use to the respective position on the available grid.

Once betting stops, a white ball is used to determine the win depending on where it lands once the wheel stops spinning. The outside bets give you better odds of winning but a lower payout. The opposite is true for the inner bets.

The game appeals to high rollers because there is no limit to bets, with the maximum dependent on the casino you lay at. However, many casinos allow bets that range from €0.10 to €10,000.

The game has an RTP of 97.3% and a maximum win of 35x your initial stake.

Special Features

The only difference between this game and other roulette games is the gameplay speed which is set at 80 rounds every hour.

Mobile Friendliness

Evolution Gaming makes a point of ensuring all their games can be played on the go and this also applies to Auto Roulette. The game is developed using HTML5, meaning it can be played on any modern browser and you do not have to download any apps or software.

The user interface is also great on smaller devices, with the game focusing on visibility and immersion.

If you love playing roulette but do not want to interact with live dealers, you should try Auto Roulette. The game offers favorable bet spreads, fast-paced action, a simple user interface, and a win of up to 35x your original stake.

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