Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom

Are you intrigued by the lost city of Atlantis? Do you often find yourself drawn to games and entertainment that play off the lost city? If so, we’ve got a great new online slot machine that you’re sure to find intriguing – Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom. The game is in partnership with Half Pixel and Microgaming and is the second release from Half Pixel. So what makes this one so appealing and perfect for those with an interest in Atlantis and online slots in general? Let's dive in a little deeper.

A Standard Layout that Feels Welcoming and Familiar

There's something to be said about familiarity and, in the world of gaming, it helps to make people feel comfortable in the surroundings, making the game more welcoming. That's exactly what Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom achieves. It features a standard game board with five reels and three rows, giving players 243 paylines in total. It's got a volatility rating of high, a hit frequency of 39.24% and the RTP is 92.14% to 96.19%.

Players can place a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $30. This helps to make it approachable for all styles of players whether you consider yourself a high roller or not. Again, it’s all about that welcoming atmosphere that plays so well with gamers.

An Intriguing Underwater Atmosphere

And speaking of atmosphere, you can’t review Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom without also mentioning the theme, graphics, sounds and animations in the game. It's all meant to feel as though you're underwater in the fabled city. It's got a murky dark blue look to it that emphasises how deep you are in the ocean. As for the symbols and character, it's clear the developer went for a manga look, which will play well with a large audience.

There is what's called "reel ladies" which are the ladies/characters that appear on the reel. There are four in total and they are each mermaids. It's all meant to feel very mysterious, much like the Lost City. The graphics are basic enough but they still manage to do a good job in setting the scene and helping to create interest.

Increase Your Winnings with the Bonus Features

The theme is fun and intriguing, the game is well laid out but what about your odds of winning? How can you increase them and strike it big? Well, it comes down to the bonus features, just like in most slot machines. The way this game works is that the entire wheel transforms into wilds which can make things interesting. Bonus features include a multiplier, free spins, a random reel and wilds that can pop up.

All of these different features will translate into different sized winnings, keeping the game extremely exciting. It helps to make this game feel fast-paced and more like a true casino vibe as there’s never a dull moment.

If you’re ready to try a new game that features non-stop fun and action, Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom is a must-play and may quickly shoot to the top of your favourite games list.

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