Atlantis Rising Review

Arguably one of the most popular themes for slot machines – both online and in-person - is an underwater theme. There is just a lot of mystery, intrigue, and mythology that surrounds the sea, so it makes for an ideal theme. It also gives developers a chance to make use of brightly colored graphics and symbols that draw players in. That is exactly the case with the new Atlantis Rising online slots from SpinPlay Games. It uses the underwater theme that so many players know and love, combined with some great gameplay.

Dive Down into the Depths

In the Atlantis Rising slots, the first thing you will likely notice is the use of colors. There are bright colors on the screen at all times, which do an excellent job of grabbing your attention right from the get-go. This can be hard to do and if the game doesn’t immediately engage players, it risks losing them. What makes it more fun is that some of those traditional graphics and symbols found in underwater games are used as features in the actual gameplay. For example, the rising bubbles act as wilds, yet also help to drive home the look and feel of this game. Even the sounds are engaging and exciting, and will certainly help to capture and keep your attention.

Ideal for Those Who Don't Like Volatile Games

As for the actual gaming stats, where Atlantis Rising manages to fit into the mix is to appeal to those who don't like high volatility games. This one is ranked anywhere from low to medium volatility, which for many players is the sweet spot. The RTP is 96.2%, there are 25 betways, and there is a maximum win of 500 times the original stake. The layout is a traditional 5x3 setup, which makes the screen easy to follow and read. You've got a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $100.

Are There Any Standout Features to Note?

Then there are the standout features, which there are a couple of. These are the bonus features which can really take the game and your winnings to the next level of excitement. The most notable feature is the Rising Wilds. The way this one works is to provide you with 2x multipliers, which gets more exciting if you happen to land on a couple of these in one spin.

Other bonus features include the Trident Scatters, which give you free spins, and the Wild Blast feature that transforms symbols into much more exciting wilds - even multiplier wilds.

Clearly, these bonus features can give a boost to your winnings, and create a bit more excitement and challenge in the game.

Ideal for Newbies and Those Looking for a Basic Game

Where the Atlantis Rising slots really shines is in providing newbies a gaming experience that is fun, engaging, and not at all intimidating. That’s not to say that seasoned players won’t also love the offering; it just means it will be a little less volatile and challenging than some of the other slots they may be used to.

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