Atlantis Power Combo Slot Review

How would you like to travel to a mystical place far beneath the surface of the sea and test your luck with some exciting online slots? Atlantis Power Combo is a new release from Infinity Dragon Studios and is brimming with all kinds of special features meant to take the typical online slot experience to the next level of challenge and fun. What stands out here is the combos, which will increase your winnings in a big way. Here's an in-depth look at all that Atlantis Power Combo has going for it.

It Comes Down To Some Great Stats

All kinds of things can pull players into a game but often it’s the stats that top the list. You want to know your odds are decent and that the game pays out in a big way. Atlantis Power Combowon’t leave you disappointed in either of these regards.

Looking at the stats closely, this one has an RTP of 96.4%, 40 paylines - but 100 paylines with free spins - and there is a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $20. The volatility ranges from medium to high, which makes it unique in that sense. These are the kind of stats that feel welcoming to seasoned players and those who are new to the online gaming world.

How About Those Winning Combos

And as the game's name implies, the standout features here are the combos. These can increase your play time, increase your winnings and make for a more exciting experience. The wilds act as a substitute for most symbols, so landing on them can help you get a combination. Then there are the free spins with nudging wilds, which will require you to land on a red scatter symbol. Thanks to the nudge, you can earn more free spins.

There is also a yellow scatter symbol that you can land on, which can result in free spins with bonus prize cash prize collection.

The free spin with combined features and free spins with line win multiplier round things out in terms of all the combinations you can win. Each one rewards players with some specific prizes and winnings. Because there are so many combinations available, the game can get a little confusing at times but in the best way possible. It keeps everything feeling fresh and exciting so players won’t tire of it.

Also worth noting, there is a buy feature. This is something you don't find in every game, so again it helps Atlantis Power Combo stand out. When you engage the buy feature it triggers free spins. The buy feature is available for different prices.

The Theme Is Pulled Off Flawlessly

Then there is the theme which has been pulled off flawlessly here. As you can imagine, there are plenty of familiar-looking undersea gods and characters. The symbols on the grid reflect the game perfectly, and it's all very intriguing if not a bit dark and mysterious looking.

Give These Combos a Try

So if you like the potential of big wins thanks to all kinds of different combos, then you need to check out Atlantis Power Combo online slots.

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