Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is, by far, the most well-known progressive video slot game ever released, and Neon Valley Studios™ has just released a completely new take on it. Atlantean Treasures - Mega Moolah takes players into the lost city of Atlantis, thousands of leagues below the ocean. Complete with vibrant colors, glowing jewels, magic bubbles, corals, sea creatures, a mermaid and, of course, the chance to become a real millionaire, Atlantean Treasures - Mega Moolah promises to be a treat for the senses.


There are a few themes in slot games that are recurring, which means that you will find them in multiple games, both old and new. Alongside Jungles and ancient Egypt, the underwater Atlantean theme is one of the most popular ones among them. However, Neon Valley Studios™ has managed to put Atlantean Treasures head and shoulders above the rest in terms of graphics. Mega Moolah by Microgaming already had the lure to win insanely high jackpots on its side, but Atlantean Treasures has given it the graphical refresh it needed. Everything shimmers, the audio is suitably adventurous, and all-new animations are crafted with care. The graphics and animation are really good for a slot game, if not the best we have seen in this underwater genre yet.


Anyone familiar with slots has almost certainly played a version of Mega Moolah before, so Atlantean Treasures - Mega Moolah feels both familiar and delightfully refreshing at the same time. Some of the highlight features of the gameplay are as follows.

  • Wilds that expand and transform other symbols around it
  • Respins
  • More glowing pearls = higher chances of triggering the Progressive Wheel of Mega Moolah

Bets, Wins, Wilds, Scatters & Bonuses

As it is with all Mega Moolah slot games, Atlantean Treasures has 5 reels and 3 rows, with 10 paylines (goes both ways) for players to place their bets on.

Bets & Winnings

  • Line wins X bets/line is added to the player’s winnings
  • Only the highest winning amount per line is payable
  • Total bets are multiplied by a 10x multiplier on bets put on each line
  • The bets, however, have nothing to do with the progressive jackpot

Expanding Wilds

  • The wild symbol can substitute and transform all symbol around it on the reel it appears on
  • The scatter or progressive trigger can’t be replaced by a wild
  • Expanding wilds will only be seen on the second, third and fourth reel


  • Even the appearance of a single wild will grant a Respin
  • After the wild/wilds expand a convert three/reels, they will freeze, while the rest of them will Respin
  • Every additional wild symbol appearance grants another Respin, even during a Respin
  • The limit is set at three consecutive Respins

Progressive Trigger

  • The progressive trigger is also the scatter in Atlantean Treasures
  • It can’t replace wilds but can appear and replace all other symbols
  • Scatters can only be seen on the second, third and fourth reel
  • A number of progressive trigger pearls need to be collected to open the progressive jackpot wheel
  • The bigger the bet, the higher the chances are of triggering the progressive jackpot wheel

Progressive Jackpot Wheel

Before spinning the wheel, the player must choose between the following types of jackpots once the progressive bonus jackpot screen is triggered.

  • Mini Progressive Jackpot
  • Minor Progressive Jackpot
  • Major Progressive Jackpot
  • Mega Progressive Jackpot

Why It’s a Must Try

Mega Moolah on its own returns millions of dollars to players across the world every year, so now that there is a chance to experience the same promise of winning big, but in a new, better graphical package, Atlantean Treasures - Mega Moolah is pretty much a must-try for anyone who loves slots.

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