Astro Legends Slot Review

Combining a unique storyline, cutting-edge graphics that have never before been available in an online slot game, and plenty of new ways to win big, the Astro Legends slot game certainly offers plenty to be excited about. In this review, we'll take a look at what you need to know about this new slot game to help you decide if Astro Legends is a game worth checking out.

Features of the Astro Legends Online Slot Game

Astro Legends features an innovative reel design that combines 22 fields into a diamond-shaped board. In addition to an innovative reel design, Astro Legends offers some very innovative graphics as well. The game features Real-Time 3D rendering character animations for its two titular characters; Lyra and Erion - the first online slot game to feature these high-tech graphics.

When you play Astro Legends, you'll have plenty of opportunities to win big, as the gameplay offers a number of exciting features including Multiplier Wilds, Cluster Pays, Respins, and a Multilevel Bonus Race bonus game.

Astro Legends Gameplay

To win at Astro Legends, you simply need to get five or more symbols grouped together on the 22-position playing field. Payouts are determined by the number and type of symbols that you group together.

If a Multiplier Wild symbol is a part of your winning group, your payout will be multiplied by random multiplier ranging from two to five. Multiple Multiplier Wild symbols in a winning group will add together, making for an even larger multiplier.

If you trigger a Respin and there is at least one winning cluster on the board, all of the symbols in your winning cluster will remain locked in place and the remaining symbols will respin, giving you the chance to add even more winning symbols to your cluster.

Throughout the game, you'll have the chance to collect energy amounts on each spin ranging from two to ten. Once your energy meter reaches 100, you'll enter the Multilevel Bonus Race bonus game. During this bonus game, you'll try to guide a running Wolf through seven levels, selecting one of two paths for each level and trying to avoid being hit by Erion. If you make it through all seven levels without your Wolf being hit by Erion more than two times, you'll receive a payout of twenty times the amount that you bet.

To make things even more interesting, the story-driven design of the Astro Legends gameplay is sure to keep you entertained while you play.

When to Expect the Astro Legends Online Slot Game

Astro Legends will be available to play on November 21, 2018. Given all of the exciting new features that this game offers, we highly recommend that you check it out then!

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