Ark of Ra Review

In conjunction with Circular Arrow, newcomers Games Global brings the Egyptian God Ra to life in their newly released Ark of Ra slot game. In true sun god fashion, this game features the bird’s head alongside sentinel dogs, sphynx statues, golden bird statues, and many other Egyptian artifacts. The game hits medium volatility and operates across a 5x3 grid, offering plenty of paylines. If the Egyptian theme has left you with any questions as to why you should play this game, we’ve answered them below.

Slot Features

When you land on a premium tile, you can expect to receive anywhere between 2.5x, and 15x your initial bet if you land 5 of any same tiles. During gameplay, Wilds will appear to help you reach the great paylines. Further, if you are lucky enough for Ra to gift you 5 Wilds, you will reap the rewards of 50x your bet.

If you take a look above the reels, you will see a “coin collect meter”, which comes with 2x5 coin slots. Whenever you land on a coin, the meter will rise and will reward you by placing a Wild tile. When you enter the bonus rounds, the coin meter is disabled.

Bonus Round

You will trigger the bonus round after you’ve successfully landed 3x scatters across reels 1, 3, and 5. Before the bonus commences, you will get a payment upfront, which is a lovely gift from the Egyptian gods. To enter the bonus round, you need to choose from one of the following game modes:

  • Low volatility. You get 25 spins and the game grants you one Wild per spin.
  • Medium volatility. Eight spins alongside two Wilds per spin.
  • High volatility. Two spins and three Wilds each spin.

Each spin will see the Wild reel appear in a different spot, but your scatters are collected even if they’re underneath. If you land 3x scatters during the bonus feature, you will be rewarded with more free spins - to the value of your initial bonus game choice.

When you play the bonus game, you may be tempted towards taking the 25 spins. However, you should note that your raid of Ra’s ark will be more fruitful if you take the two spins. This may not sound like much, but you can deal more damage with three wild reels by your side.

Volatility and RTP

This game is considered medium volatility overall, which means your wins are equally weighed up against your losses. You will need a minimum of 0.20 to spin and there’s a 96.14% RTP; your bet is capped at $200. There is a total of 20 paylines in the game, and the maximum potential win is $200K, which is achievable through high bets and a lot of luck.

Circular Arrow brings the Egyptian sun god Ra to life in their fun slot Ark of Ra. There are 20 paylines across a 2x3 grid, which provides players a medium volatility game. The theming is fun, the coin counter increases win opportunity, and the bonus features cater to all players' levels. If you’re still not convinced about this game, go try it for yourself.

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