Area Link Piggy Bank

Area Vegas Studios presents a smashing and creative slot game, Area Link Piggy Bank. Get ready to win big with this medium-high volatility slot offering exceptional payouts, fun features, and an RTP of 96.45%. The game offers 20 paylines (5x3 reels), a minimum bet of $0.20, and a maximum bet of $50. You can win up to a massive $250,000!


Get excited about the Area Link Piggy Bank feature, where Coins don’t just drop – they unlock possibilities! Coins gather above the reels, with each color marking a new chance to win big. They unite to create an exciting combination of Piggy Bank Upgrades, accompanied by thrilling respins that could end in you winning the GRAND jackpot! These are game-changers when it comes to how you play, enhancing the excitement and offering new options to win.

Red Piggy Bank Upgrade

Every spin could multiply your gold! The Red Piggy Bank Upgrade unlocks adventure with every spin, with a random multiplier of 2, 3, or 5. Gold Coin symbols get one-time multiplication when they first lock into place, escalating your chances of winning.

Purple Piggy Bank Upgrade

Are you ready for a double dose of excitement? The Purple Piggy Bank Upgrade offers a second Area Link feature array. Your excitement doubles as this feature plays out an independent duel of fortune that ends when all spins are completed or all positions are filled.

Green Piggy Bank Upgrade

Look out for Green Coins during this feature. This instant success feature allows you to grab all-new credit prizes and/or jackpots as they appear, transforming them into sparkling Gold Coins. It’s all about rewarding you right here, right now.


The journey through the reels isn’t just about the small wins along the way. In this game, you’re pursuing the ultimate prize – the Jackpots, especially the amazing GRAND jackpot. Filling all positions opens the door to this ultimate reward, turning a simple spin into a life-changing moment.

An Immersive Experience

Area Link Piggy Bank goes beyond the regular slot gaming experience, turning it into an immersive and sensory adventure. The game’s vibrant visual aesthetics, fun sound effects, and interactive features create a multisensory experience that makes each spin even more exciting.

A Game for Every Player

Area Link Piggy Bank is a game that caters to all, from the novice player testing the waters to the seasoned strategist aiming for the GRAND jackpot. With varying bet ranges and medium-high volatility, it invites players to spin the reels, play, and win. Whether you’re playing it safe with a small minimum bet or trying your luck with the maximum, there’s a thrill for everyone.

The world of Coins and Jackpots in Area Link Piggy Bank transports you to a universe filled with excitement, surprises, and potential riches. Whether you’re looking for some fun or going for the big win, this game offers an absolutely unforgettable experience. Enter this thrilling world today, and let the Coins guide you through an adventure like no other. Your next spin could be the one that changes your life!