Arctic Valor Slot Review

Arctic Valor is one of the newest slot games to be featured on our website and has a ton of amazing features for the avid online slot gamers out there. Arctic Valor features an action-packed gaming experience like no other of its kind. It is unique in its features, including the adrenaline-fueled Arctic Valor Bonus and the persistent Icicle Feature.

Arctic Valor is set in frozen landscapes, which are being watched over by both beautiful, but fierce Valkyries. The symbol set includes these shieldmaidens alongside icy weapons and crystalline snowflakes, creating a rich experience for the gamer.

If Arctic Valor sounds like a game you would be interested in, here are the amazing features and gameplay of this online slot game.

Features of Arctic Valor Online Slot Game

If you are looking to get lucky, today is your lucky day. Arctic Valor has a breath-taking 4096 ways to win. If you hit 3 or more matching symbols, either on a way or on adjacent reels, this is a winning combination.

You can hit many winning combinations at once and you can be awarded with the highest winning combination available on the reel. If you enjoy a slot game that boasts great graphics, as well as more than 4000 ways to win, Arctic Valor can keep you entertained for hours.

Arctic Valor has both cinema-quality sound and striking graphics, bringing the online slot game to life.

Arctic Valor Gameplay

Gameplay is relatively simple - if you hit 3 or more matching symbols that represent a winning combination, you win!

Each symbol means something different and it is important to understand each of them before gameplay, so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. The Scatter symbol will pay in any position within the reels, whilst the game offers Wild substitutions. This means if you hit a Wild Symbol, these can substitute any symbol, except the Scatter.

The Icicle Feature brings yet even more depth to the game and can be triggered randomly, on any spin. These icicles wait on the top of your screen and continue to grow throughout gameplay as you spin. At any point in the game, these icicles will decide to crash down into the reels, and this can give both cash rewards and Wild transformations to the player. This makes playing Arctic Valor a memorable and unique gaming experience.

Furthermore, if you hit the Arctic Valor Bonus Free Spins, these can completely change up your game, allowing the exciting Icicle Feature to be triggered, with every Free Spin that has been awarded!

With all these exclusive features, it is no wonder that Arctic Valor is already set to be an enthralling online slot game.

When to expect the Arctic Valor Online Slot Game

This spectacular slot game is going to be released on the 20th February 2019 and is expected to be popular. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some spare cash and possibly win big, Arctic Valor could be the online slot game for you.

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