Aquatic Treasures Review

Are you looking for a new online slot machine game to check out? If so, you're probably looking for something that offers plenty of chances to win, but at the same time has an engaging theme, graphics, and sounds that will keep you interested and coming back for more. Aquatic Treasures from Gold Coin Studios may just be the slot machine you're after, as this brand new offering has plenty of features to boast.

Main Features

From the moment you enter into this game, you'll find the theme to be fun and engaging and manages to flow seamlessly throughout. The whole idea here is that you're trying to find the treasures buried in the sea. As for what these treasures are, they are free spins and wilds, as well as special symbols you’ll want to land on. These symbols include pearls, dolphins, and crystals to name a few.

Now, because the theme is the ocean, you’ll find it to be strangely relaxing thanks to the ocean colors and sounds, the dolphins, and that feeling of being part of nature - even while in a gaming element at Aquatic Treasures.

How About the Gameplay?

As for the actual game play, you'll get the standard five-reel three-row, 20 pay line set-up that most people are very comfortable with. It keeps things streamlined, easy to read, and easy to follow.

The game itself is rated as a medium-volatility, which makes it just challenging enough for experienced players and at the same time not too difficult for newbies. It's that perfect sweet spot that so many slot machines strive for. The RTP for this game is set at 96.03%, again making it pretty standard.

Standout features include the eight free spins feature, wild dolphins that will instantly expand to a maximum of 3x3 in the middle of the reels, free games, a re-trigger free spin, and more.

As for the features this one is missing, it's just multipliers and a scatter symbol that you won't find here - but again, you've got lots of other gaming features to take advantage of.

Play Across Multiple Devices

As is the norm with the majority of new releases nowadays, Gold Coin Studios has made sure gaming is smooth no matter your device, so you can enjoy this game on your mobile devices and your desktop computer. That means you can enjoy gaming at home, or while on the go.

This has become a pretty important feature for any online slot machine developer, as the player’s convenience always needs to be front and center.

What About Minimum and Maximum Bets?

For those curious as to what the minimum and maximum bets are, they are $0.20 for the minimum and $100 for the maximum. Again, this follows the standard of many games out there today.

Dive Under the Sea and Enter the Engaging World of Gaming

If you’re ready for a brand new offering with a fabulous and fun theme, intuitive gameplay, and just the right amount of challenge – then Aquatic Treasures is a must try.

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