Anvil & Ore

With a name like Anvil & Ore, you already know you’re in for an incredible journey deep into the mines, which is where you must play to take away the hidden treasures. Hailing from Alchemy Gaming, this exciting, adventurous slot takes you on a journey that could lead to 5,000x the bet. Let’s delve deeper into the mine and discover why Anvil & Ore will soon become your new favorite.

Statistics and Payments

Anvil & Ore slot suits all budgets, with the minimum spin set at $0.30 and the maximum set to a generous $42. Taking place on a 5x5 grid, there are around 3,125 winning combinations. When the RTP is set to 96.26% and the volatility is high, it means you can win big from this game, but it may take a while to do so.

Features and Gameplay

There are plenty of great features, and the gameplay is excellent.

Echo Roll

When you land any of the rewarding symbol combinations, there’s a chance that the Echo Roll feature will activate. This is a unique feature that guarantees a win during the next spin, and it allows the Wild symbols to appear in empty spots left vacant by the Rolling Reels.

Rolling Reels

The Rolling Reels means the fun doesn’t stop when you land a win. Instead, these symbols are removed and replaced with others, which means the treasure can on pilling up. However, you should note that the Wild symbols won’t appear in these empty spots during the basic game.


The Upsizer feature is an accumulated mechanism built up by collecting the randomly appearing Upsizer Coins. The more coins earned, the more the game can be modified to boost your winnings. There’s the potential to be awarded a multiplier of 10-50x, 6-12 Free Spins, or a set number of Echo Rolls for a guaranteed win.

During the basic game, scatter symbols will gift you 1x Upsizer Coins. Whereas, once you’ve reached the maximum Upsizer level, you will be rewarded 5x Free Spins in its place.

Free Spins

The number of Free Spins you earn will depend on the Upsizer level. When 3 scatters appear at the same time, you can earn 6-12 Free Spins. During the Free Spins, any extra scatters landed will give you 50x Upsizer Coins.

On top of winning more Upsizer Coins, a multiplier counter will appear at the top during Free Spins. Outside of the base game, the multiplier will increase by one for every Rolling Reel without setting, which means more money.

Theme and Design

Set the backdrop of the mines, you can see a furnace in the background and a pot of gold indicating the Echo Roll. To immerse yourself deeper in the mining world, there’s a fitting soundtrack that’s quite enjoyable. If you’re concerned about graphics, you can rest easy that it’s built using a powerful engine to deliver a crystal-clear picture, whether it’s played on a mobile device or PC.

Anvil & Ore is a stunning mine-based slot game with a collection of high-paying and attractive features and bonuses, including the guaranteed-to-win Echo Roll.