You're probably used to seeing the same old themes used over and over again on online slot machines, and while there isn't anything wrong with that - it certainly doesn't spark excitement. So rather than just step back in time to Ancient Greece, why not go further back, so far back that you are in the cavemen days. That is exactly the setting that Anderthals delivers to players, giving them something fresh and exciting to check out.

An Exclusive New Microgaming Release

Anderthals is an exclusive new Microgaming release that was designed by Just For The Win. As its name implies, this one revolves around Neanderthals and it’s obvious from the moment you launch it. It features the standard five reels with 40 pay lines, which gives you a chance to get some really substantial wins. The maximum win is 2,219x the stake, and with a Return to Player rating of 96.12% you can expect to win fairly often.

While this one doesn't offer a progressive jackpot, it does offer an extensive betting range from $0.10-100. This gives you plenty of room in between to find that perfect sweet spot that matches up with your gaming style. Keep in mind the bet you place is for the entire game area, which means all the active lines are available in Anderthals.

Let the Theme Speak for Itself

Of course, the theme really speaks for itself here, as the main characters are some of the most fun to look at. Annie and Andy are the resident cavewoman and caveman, and then you'll find other theme-appropriate symbols such as dinosaurs and the Royals. Sure, a caveman theme may not be original and certainly isn’t the first, but it’s not exactly an over-crowded theme so Anderthals is able to carve out a niche for itself.

Zooming In On the Gaming Features

As we take a closer look at the actual gaming features, a number of things pop out such as the jackpot symbol, the ability to form combinations with dinosaur wilds, and even the torch symbol with its own hidden surprises.

You'll find all kinds of cool features are activated as you land on various combinations, all of which help to keep the gameplay engaging and fresh. Just as you may think you’ve seen it all, and that there is nothing left to surprise you – BOOM you’ll be treated to another exciting combination and unlock more surprises.

A Solid Offering with Fabulous Theming

Where Anderthals seems to really shine is with its solid gameplay that is simple and easy to understand, and its fabulous theming throughout. Where this one falls a little short is with the payouts, as the top ones are only classified as average. That shouldn’t, however, hold you back from experiencing this engaging and exciting game.

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