Amazon: Lost Gold

Amazon: Lost Gold is set in the Amazon rainforest with plenty of jungle-inspired artwork to keep players entertained and engaged. With beautiful visuals and 3125 ways to win, this slot-style game is going to be a firm favorite with online players before the month is out. So, while it has no connection at all to the e-commerce megacorp, it is something even better because it is inspired by nature and all the amazing things that come with it.

The Best Features for Players

The first thing players who are looking at trying out Amazon: Lost Gold need to know is that it has a really great RTP of 96.22%! You know a game is worth a try when it has an RTP above 96%, so that extra .22% makes it all that much better. It really counts over the course of a few rounds, and it means that you are far more likely to win a prize and see your initial bet returned in some capacity.

What Else?

The next thing you need to know about is Amazon: Lost Gold’s high volatility. Don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing. While low volatility slots offer typically bigger payouts, higher-rate ones are better at actually providing the wins as you play. So, there are better chances for securing a prize and an increased opportunity for depositing some cash back into your pot.

What Does it Look Like on the Screen?

This game has a 5x5 grid with 5 reels to play for. You might also notice the wheel behind the main grid which is the free spins bonus feature, and a great one to have too. There is lots of intriguing imagery like a river and some pyramids that keep your attention focussed on gameplay but not in too much of a distracting way. Your main focus will be on the grid, which is where you have to match three symbols on a reel to win a prize. If you get the right combination, it is possible to win 5,000x of your original bet.

The Rolling Reels Feature

Amazon: Lost Gold has a new feature called the Rolling Reels. This is one of the best ways to win and is one to try to look out for if you get into the swing of things. It happens when all the symbols start to drop down from the ‘sky’ to replace the ones on your board. The point is that it increases the likelihood of securing a win.

The Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol offers a big payout, and if you are lucky enough to see it appear, it will substitute all but the scatter symbol on your board. It has the biggest payout capacity for a 5-style reel win bringing in a 5x the original stake payment.

Free Spins

Every online player loves some free spins, and this game does not disappoint in this area. Every time you get the Scatter Symbol, you get a 1x multiplier on the free spin after it has been awarded.

Amazon: Lost Gold has a lot to offer. With plenty of free spins and multiplier features, it’s all to play for in this one.

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