Amazing Pharaoh Online Slot

Amazing Pharoah is an online video bingo game created by Neko Games. One feature that already puts this game above the rest is the Free Rounds feature, which will allow players extra chances of winning for free! With amazing jackpots and a maximum prize of 10,000x your original bet, Amazing Pharaoh has a lot to offer. Below we look at the many fascinating features of Amazing Pharaoh and why you should give it a try.

Game Review

Amazing Pharaoh is a 90-ball bingo game with a twist. The RTP is a standard 95%, giving the player plenty of opportunities to win. The volatility of this game is medium to high. There are several cool features, such as the Amazing Jackpots Bonus, Free Rounds, and Wild Ball.

Amazing Pharaoh is a mobile-friendly game for both iOS and Android that has been beautifully designed. This bingo game is packed full of visual elements and an immersive soundtrack. Players can choose the level they wish to play at, with Slow, Normal, Turbo, or Instant Play. Tickets cost between 0.05 and 40, making the bets between 0.20 and 160, if you have all 4 tickets in play.

Look out for the Temple and Double H patterns, as these reward the player with 100x or 250x their bet, respectively. If you enjoy online bingo games, Amazing Pharaoh is a revolution that combines elements of online slots with the fun of an online bingo game.

Amazing Jackpot Bonus

The Amazing Jackpot Bonus is a fun feature within the game that can be triggered when you collect six Scarabs. These will be collected in your Jackpot panel when playing the game with four tickets enabled. The Scarabs are hidden within drawn balls, so even if your number isn’t called, you still have another chance to win.

When the Amazing Jackpot Bonus is triggered, you will move on to the next screen. Players are then presented with 12 arks and given six chances to find the Golden Scarabs hidden inside. The number of Golden Scarabs found will determine the prize awarded. The Pharaoh can also randomly award extra picks during the bonus game, so keep your fingers crossed!

Free Rounds

During the Free Rounds feature, four different prize patterns can be triggered. All Free Rounds are played on the winning ticket only, and players will receive one extra Free Round every time an 8x or less prize pattern is completed during this feature. You can be awarded up to a fantastic 36 Free Rounds!

The Free Rounds feature also gives you the opportunity to gain an extra five balls.

Wild Ball

During the Extra Ball stage, players will have the chance to purchase a ball, which could indeed be a Wild Ball. This is a gamble, but if you get a Wild Ball, you will be allowed to daub any number that hasn’t been called. This could be an amazing opportunity to get Bingo!

Amazing Pharaoh has something to offer for every online casino game player, from Free Rounds to the chance to buy or win extra balls. Think online bingo with an interesting and huge twist!

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