Almighty Aztec Review –
A Wild Entry to the World of Slots

Almighty Aztec is a new game in the world of slots, and offers a variety of different features to get incredibly excited about – we certainly did! Without further ado, let’s get into why Almighty Aztec should be the next slot you play.

Theme and Background

Released in July 2020, Microgaming opted to work with Spin Play Games on this one, meaning a lot of thought and attention has gone into the game’s structure and design. Every slot needs a good theme, and as you might have guessed, the theme for Almighty Aztec is an Aztec one – common, but known to look and feel great. Alongside the common theme, there’s some real attention to the artwork and the way things look, meaning the game already feels familiar while still feeling fresh and new.

The beauty of the theme is that there’s a particular focus on the Aztec god of wind and air, Quetzalcoatl. He is a feathered serpent, and ultimately the “main character” of the slot. He also gets involved in some of the features listed below. This additional focus to Quetzalcoatl adds a nice dash of quirkiness and fun to the game, making it incredibly enjoyable.

Structure and Winning

There are 5 reels lining this slot for you to spin, giving you 10 paylines to win from. The betting range starts at 0.10 in your currency, to a full 10, meaning you can win a really decent amount by opting for somewhere in the middle. The max pay-out is 500 times your bet, which is fairly standard for a slot game, especially considering there is medium volatility in Almighty Aztec. This means the game is more about steady winnings than it is about rare but big wins, meaning those who enjoy the satisfaction of winning more often will be pleased. The RTP is also pretty high at 96.38%, meaning any losses won’t be huge, and you’re much more likely to come out on top and make some good winnings.


The true joy of Almighty Aztec (apart from winning, of course) is definitely in the features. There are a variety of free spins to add some excitement, as well as wild reels. In particular, the 3rd reel becomes a sticky wild when using a free spin, improving your chances of winning drastically and making it all the more exciting. This is especially so considering that once a wild lands, it will carry on for the rest of your free spins! Furthermore, on free spins, you’ll find that more landing is also locked during these spins. This gives you a higher chance of winning and offers some real spontaneity and fun.

Cheering on Quetzalcoatl (our slot focus, the feathered serpent) means he will add symbols onto the middle three reels (the second, third, and fourth reels), meaning you are guaranteed to win on your next spin. This gives you a real chance of winning and can make your experience a whole lot more satisfying and fun.

Overall, Almighty Aztec is a great new entry to the slot world, and thoroughly worth playing.

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