Alchemy Fortunes

If you're in search of a brand-new online slot machine to check out, the Alchemy Fortunes video slot machine could be right up your alley. Due to be released in December, this one offers up the classic seven reels and seven rows that players are well-accustomed to, but of course, it's packed with a number of fun and entertaining features meant to not only test your luck, but keep you coming back for more.

Bonus Features

While there is always lots of fun and entertainment value involved in these online games, it's the bonus features that really draw players in. These are what give the game the extra edge, challenge, excitement, and just plain uniqueness. Alchemy Fortunes doesn't disappoint in this category, as it’s got a good amount of bonus features to watch for and take advantage of.

Standout features include the Fortune Free Spins which, of course, award you the very much appreciated free spins. This feature is engaged once you land 100 symbols in a single set of the reel rolls. Your reward is five free spins, which obviously lengthens your game play and hopefully gets you the win you've been after.

Magic Potion Meter

It should be noted that during these free spins, you may be able to land on another bonus feature such as the Magic Potion Meter or the Rolling Reel - so therefore you'll get even more out of that initial free spin.

The Magic Potion Meter happens when you get matching symbols on the reel. These symbols will then start to fill the empty space. Meanwhile, the Rolling Reel happens any time you get matching symbols on the reel, which then end up in the Magic Potion Meter.

So, what's the big deal about the Magic Potion Meter? Well, once you fill it, which takes 30 symbols, you'll get 500x the stake bet.

What About the User-Experience and Theme?

While the bonus features are certainly a big part of what makes this game so exciting and engaging, users also want to know that the gaming experience will be smooth and that the theme is intriguing. Once again, Alchemy Fortunes has pulled out all the stops to ensure that players are impressed from the moment their game begins.

The interface itself is very user-friendly, even for newbies, and the slot reels really manage to pop, thanks to the dark background. It gives an eye-catching, almost mysterious quality about the game. Of course, you can play this one on your mobile device, both iOS and Android.

And it's not just the looks; it's also the sounds that manage to make this game exciting. The soundtrack is meant to be "entertaining" and keep your attention. So, they’ve really managed to nail the entire visual and audio experience here.

At the very least, Alchemy Fortunes is worth a look and a play, but don’t be surprised if you end up enjoying this one more than you anticipated.

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