Akiva: Claws of Power Slot Review

There's something extremely beautiful and powerful about the animals that roam in Africa, from the mighty rhino to the peaceful giraffe and then the king of the jungle himself - the lion. That's exactly the theme that the newly released online slot Akiva: Claws of Power uses to capture the attention of players and leave them wanting more. The developer, Foxium, is providing players with a medium-volatility game that is filled with fun and plenty of chances to win. Here's a look at all the top highlights you'll find in Akiva: Claws of Power.

Pretty Standard Attributes Make It Approachable for All

Looking over the gaming attributes and statistics for Akiva: Claws of Power, nothing is surprising here, but that also means it's approachable for all levels of players. Casual gamers in particular will enjoy this one, as you can play a couple of quick rounds or fill more substantial free time.

The game features a standard grid with five reels and three rows delivering 25 paylines. While that is on the lower end of paylines, that also means it's easy to keep track of what's happening. The RTP is 96.20% and the hit frequency is 28.28%. As mentioned, this is a medium volatility game with a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $100. The maximum win is 2,500 times your stake so looking at the math you can hit a pretty big win.

The Theme and Graphics Get a Big Shout-Out

While the attributes and statistics are rather standard, the theme and graphics deserve a shout-out. Using the African savannah theme works beautifully here, and the developer has been sure to go all in. The backdrop is serene and peaceful looking, exactly as you may imagine it. The grid itself takes up most of the screen, leaving room for all your important stats along the perimeter. This ensures it doesn’t look too busy or cluttered, which helps with the serene vibe the game is trying to get across.

The typical symbols such as jack, queen, king, and ace are used but so are images such as a lion, rhino, and zebra - all of which you'd find in Africa. What’s especially noticeable is the use of bright rich colors, which work to grab your attention. From a user standpoint, this one is very user-friendly so no issues there.

Special Features Can Help Increase Your Winnings and the Fun

If you’re waiting to read about the special features, you’re in luck because not only does Akiva: Claws of Power have a handful, all of them are fun and each one may lead to an increase in your winnings and luck.

Features include the free spins which are triggered by landing on the drum scatter symbols. You can even trigger a retrigger during the free spins. The Claws of Power gives you a chance to score winning combinations, while the Link&Win can provide big cash prizes. Finally, there is the Akiva Sandstorm that will change the numbers you see and provide you with winning combinations.

Be Sure to Check It Out

So, if you’re after a fun new online slot adventure, Akiva: Claws of Power is a must-play.

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