African Quest

African Quest was first released in January 2020 and it’s the perfect game for people who are looking to go on an adventure. It’s a safari-style game that will make your dreams come to life. Not only can you explore the mysteries of Africa, but you can also search for gold whilst doing so.

An Exciting Take on a Classic Game

African Quest is a slot-style game like nothing you’ve witnessed before. The game comprises of five reels that have four tiles on each of them. Like other slot style games, the aim is to spin to win, however, there are lots of special features that you will not have seen before. Some of the special features you’ll enjoy include HYPERSPINS, which will give you a greater chance of completing a winning combination, and free spin rounds that you can trigger when you please. There are also options that allow you to choose volatility during these rounds, which enables you to make your safari experience exactly how you imagined.

The Setting

African Quest will allow you to explore the landscape of Africa. It takes you deep into the savannah where you will find canopied trees, rippling grass, and a stunning sunset. As the sun begins to set, wildlife will appear, including giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and elephants. You may even spot the king of the jungle – the majestic lion. Whilst on your quest, you need to keep your eyes peeled for Kubwa, the mighty lion. He will bring you the riches you are looking for.

This game not only has outstanding graphics and amazing sound effects, but it also has a smooth game interface. It was published by Triple Edge Studios for Microgaming, which aims to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Highlights and Features

This amazing game has some brilliant highlights and features that you may have never witnessed before. The base game has a number of tiles that link to aspects of the African desert.

Once you’ve played your first spin, you will be given the opportunity to spin a single wheel again using HYPERSPINS. There is also an option to spin the other reels (but it will cost you some money). Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance in order to win big.

Whilst playing you need to keep a lookout for the Scatter tiles. If you land three or more of these, you’ll be able to go to a free spins round. This round also offers wild multipliers with the highest multiplier being 64x.

African Quest has high volatility. Its total hit frequency is almost 24%. Its payout percentage begins at 96.02%, but if you play the re-spin feature it is boosted to 96.52%. This means that if you use the re-spin feature, you could boost your potential win to 40,200.

If you’d love to go on safari but don’t have the means, then this game might be perfect for you. You’ll find yourself immersed deep in the jungle with an added bonus of being able to win lots of money. The free spin rounds and special features make this a game not to be missed.

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