Adventures of Doubloon Island™ Review

Are you looking for a good old-fashioned pirate's adventure? If so, Triple Edge Studios' latest release - Adventures of Doubloon Island™ is meant for you. There’s just something so fun and exciting about pirate-themed games, and this online slot certainly milks the theme for all it’s worth, from the graphics, to the sounds, to the symbols, and the gameplay itself. It has a wide release date for the end of February, and is sure to be a fun and even addictive offering.

Gameplay that is meant to Feel Familiar

For all its fun and unique features, there is also a lot about Adventures of Doubloon Island that feels familiar and classic. For example, you've got 20 paylines spread out across five reels and three rows, and an RTP of 96.01%, which means it has a medium volatility. It’s all about staying in that middle lane so that players of all skill levels feel welcomed and engaged. As for the hit frequency, it has been rated at 31.50% - again, relatively standard.

One feature that does feel a little different with this offering is that its minimum bet is quite low, at only $0.10. That means you really don't have to risk much in order to get in on the fun. On the flip side, there is a maximum per spin amount of $75, which is quite the stretch between minimum and maximum.

Whether you want to play on your mobile device or a desktop, this one will look and operate smoothly.

Increase Your Winnings with the Many Features

Of course, these online slot machines are a whole lot more fun when you’re winning, and the fact that there are features that can increase your winnings certainly puts a smile on the face of players. Perhaps one of the most notable features is the Win Booster. Land on this one and suddenly the bet you placed will now be worth 1.5x. It will also translate to a 2-2.5 increase on a jackpot and a 3x increase on any cash prize.

Speaking of jackpots, there are four different ones available through the game, all of which have their own multiplier. The highest one offers 2,000x and is called the Mega awards.

Should the Win Booster be activated when landing on a jackpot, you'll be in for an even higher payout.

Other features include the scatters and free spins, both of which help to either increase your winnings or prolong your gameplay.

Dark Graphics Make for an Engaging Atmosphere

Where Adventures of Doubloon Island really manages to shine is with the atmosphere it creates. The graphics just feel dark overall, giving it the mysterious and almost dangerous vibe that pirates are synonymous with. The symbols feel very appropriate and well chosen, and then the background imagery helps to really set the scene. It’s easy to get lost in the fun graphics.

So, while it may be the fun pirate-theme that initially grabs your eye, it is the gameplay and the massive amounts of bonus features that will likely have you coming back for more.

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