A Tale of Elves

A Tale of Elves is a brand-new, up and coming slot game developed by Microgaming. With Christmas just around the corner, there is no better time to launch a brand-new slot game featuring Santa’s little helpers. A Tale of Elves is launching on the 26th of November in time for the holidays to get that festive feeling of Christmas and possibly a nice little win to put towards your Christmas shopping.

How it Works

Like most of Microgaming's slots, A Tale of Elves is easy to play and doesn’t take much learning, especially if you’re already accustomed to slot games. There are five reels and only three rows, giving you 243 ways to win. There are also scatter symbols of different color elves - if you match three or more, you get different bonuses to extend your wins. For example, if you match three blue elves, you get eighteen free spins with a 2x multiplier. Or, you can also match three yellow elves which gives you eight free spins but you get a 5x multiplier. There are four different colored elves in total that give you different bonuses with various numbers of free spins and multipliers.


The theme itself is brilliant with vibrant colors from pine trees and snow in the background that makes the game feel very festive. The title page itself along with the Christmas tree fairy lights and decorations will get you excited for the season. The game itself uses little elves in different colors as the scatter symbols and the ‘Wild’ scatter symbol represents a Christmas wreath. Christmas wreaths themselves are a popular seasonal decoration and some people believe they represent luck by inviting Jesus into their home, as it symbolizes the crown of thorns Jesus wore to his crucifixion. With luck on their side, those playing the game hope they will win big.

Bonus Features

There are many bonus features in this game, first, as mentioned above, the scatter symbols of different color elves that offer a certain amount of free spins and multiplier count. There are many different stacked symbols which depend on the variant of free spins you chose. ‘Wild’ scatter symbols can also be stacked up to three or more. If you manage to get 2 scatters, this could get you a scatter bonus which can win you a hefty cash prize of up to 50x your initial stake.

A Tale of Elves is a great game to be released around this time of year - the world has had a rough year and there is nothing better than getting Christmas and the festivities started early. The best thing about this slot has to be the free spins that you get, along with the seasonal theme. Not only will you get excited for the wins, but you’ll also be excited about the holidays. With the possible win of 20,000x of your initial stake, the extra cash may help with getting family and friends that amazing gift you’ve been thinking about.

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