9 Masks of Fire Roulette

Real Dealer Studios is back again with another fabulous online casino offering - 9 Masks of Fire Roulette. If roulette is your game of choice, you should look no further, this is more than just your typical offering. Real Dealer Studios has made a huge name in the industry, offering games with real dealers and authentic and immersive experiences. Their games are so realistic that you must remember you're not in the brick-and-mortar casino.

You should check out 9 Masks of Fire Roulette for yourself.

Let the Numbers Do All the Talking

It can often feel like you're bombarded with new online casino games daily, making navigating the options challenging and finding the best ones. Let the numbers do the talking, and in this case, 9 Masks of Fire Roulette has a strong argument going for it.

The game features an RTP of 97.30%, and the volatility is ranked as high. There is a minimum bet of just $0.25, and the maximum ranges from $125-$1000. This means even the high rollers can engage comfortably. In terms of the winnings, you can win a maximum of $122,500.

A Handful of Exciting Special Features

If you're the type that also wants to see fresh and exciting special features in your online casino games, again, Real Dealer Studios has you covered. The game features both a random and multiplier, which can significantly increase your winnings in the blink of an eye. The way the multiplier works is that you start the round with a reel that features five masks. Give the reel a spin, and the numbers you land on will determine the multiplier. Multipliers range from 45 to 500 times the bet.

Other notable features include the racetrack bet option, the special bet option, and the random three. Random three is ideal for those who want to play but are interested in something other than coming up with a strategy. Instead, the betting interface will randomly put three chips on the board as a straight-up bet. You can make things even more straightforward with the auto-bet option. Remember, if you use the autobet option, it can only re-bet for a maximum of 100 rounds. That still gets you a fair amount of gaming.

Masks Always Offer a Sense of Mystery and Intrigue

Let's also make mention of the theme, which is filled with mystery and intrigue. There is just something so eye-catching about masks, and the way the developer has taken the theme and woven it throughout is seamless. Your important stats can always be found along the top and bottom of the screen, giving plenty of real estate to the board itself.

Get an Authentic Roulette Experience at Home

Anyone who loves the roulette game must check out the newly released 9 Masks of Fire Roulette, as it doesn't get more authentic than this.