9 Masks of Fire™ HyperSpins™

It's always fun when a popular developer recognizes how big of a hit a particular game was and then builds on that interest. That is exactly the case with the new 9 Masks of Fire HyperSpins from Gameburger Studios. Releasing later this month, this one builds on the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine that was released back in 2019. That particular game went on to be a huge hit, so it's likely that the new offering already has a built-in fanbase. Even if you didn’t check out the original, there are still plenty of reasons to play this one.

What the developer has managed to do with 9 Masks of Fire HyperSpins is take everything players loved about the original, include it in the new offering and then build on it with even more features and ways to win.

Just How Easy Is It to Win?

In terms of how you can win big with this game, that's down to the many features offered. The game is laid out in the standard five reels and three rows format, which keeps things neat and uncluttered. You've got 20 paylines which is also easy to keep track of - nothing overwhelming here. The maximum win is 2,000 times your stake - which isn't massive but can still provide you with an exciting payout. The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum is $60. Even if you're not prepared to go with the max, you can still have some impressive winnings.

Like so many other slot machines, the RTP varies, coming in at 96.24%, 94.10% and 92.10%. What may surprise you is the hit frequency, which is 39.75% (great news for players) and the fact that it only has medium volatility. This makes it attractive not only to newbies, but also to those who tend to stay engaged online when winning.

The Bonus Features Take It to the Next Level

For this one to stand out, it needed something special and that's where the bonus features have served it well. It's all about the mask scatter prizes, multipliers and free spins here - all of which can extend your game time and your winnings.

It should be noted that to spark the HyperSpin feature - which is a highlight of the game - you'll need to be in the base game.

The Hot and Fiery Theme

As its name would imply, the theme here is fire and flames. With that said, so many of the symbols and imagery include these elements. Again, it's basic, but that isn't a negative. It makes the game feel complete and tied together. And who doesn't love the traditional slot machine symbols of lucky 7s, bars, bells and diamonds? They have become synonymous with gaming. They even bring up a bit of nostalgia.

There is so much about this game that feels familiar thanks to the previous offering from Gameburger Studios, but thanks to the new addition of features, it will capture your attention instantly. Once you start playing this one, it’s very hard to put it down.

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