5 on the Farm: Rush Express

Are you the type that finds something charming and fun about farm-themed online casino games? Farm-themed games aren't new, but they always seem to be a crowd-pleaser because, let's face it, there's just something so adorable about farm animals. But you can only build an online slot game on farm animals with a lot more substance to back it up, and that's precisely what Area Vegas offers with 5 on the Farm: Rush Express. Once you get past the general cuteness factor of the game, you'll find it's packed full of high-stakes thrills. Let's review this one in-depth.

Peeling Back the Layers - What the Statistics Mean to You

First, Let's look at the statistics, which will help determine how lucky you are in this game. This one has a medium-high volatility rating, which, for many players, is the perfect level. It's not too challenging, yet it's challenging enough that it pushes the payouts a little higher. It's got an RTP of 96.45% and features 20 paylines. There is a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $50. Players can win up to $250,000, nothing to turn your nose to.

Overall, this one can be perfect for those just dipping their toes into the water of online slots while keeping even the most advanced player engaged and returning for more.

Some Pretty Major Special Features

Then there are the special features. The free spins play a big part in the game, you can trigger up to 10 of them. You can also trigger the "Pick" feature at the end of a base game spin. To do this, you'll need to land on the nugget symbols. After that, you need to match three symbols to win the prize tied to them. This pick feature only triggers if you didn't land on the Rush Express or a free spin.

Then we've got the Rush Express, which is a bit more involved. Not only do you have a chance to win the prizes displayed during this feature's triggering, but you can get even more awards and spins, thereby building your rewards/jackpot.

Getting Your Share of Farm Animals In

So, how cute is 5 on the Farm: Rush Express? Let's say this one is teeming with all the most popular farm animals - the big five. The symbols include a pig, rooster, cow, lamb, and horse in terms of animals - all of which have a cool cartoon look. The special symbols are also peppered but tie in perfectly with the theme.

Let's also shout out to the backing imagery that ensures you remember the setting and that you are indeed on an idyllic farm with wide open spaces and inviting scenery. Area Vegas has done a great job of tying everything together in a memorable package that players will enjoy.

These Animals Beg for Your Attention

Before you launch the same old online slots you've played dozens of times, why not try something new and immersive and give 5 on the Farm: Rush Express a go?