3 Tiny Gods Review

3 Tiny Gods is one of the latest 5x4 slots to hit online casinos from Foxium and Microgaming, and the title deserves attention from serious and casual players alike. We will try to highlight the pros, cons and certain elements of the slot that makes 3 Tiny Gods a must try.

The Basics: What to Expect from the Bets

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As a slot player, it’s important to know what you are getting into before spending real money on any casino game. We are going to give you an overview of the core gambling mechanics and stats to help you understand what to expect from playing 3 Tiny Gods.

  • 3 Tiny Gods is a 5x4 reel slot with a decent 96.4% RTP (return to player)
  • A total of 30 paylines can be activated at the same time
  • The maximum possible payout is 5000x the total bet amount, with each bet ranging from 0.10 – 50 (currency will vary according to the location)
  • Starting the game in “Foxify” mode raises the bet limits to 0.15 - 75
  • It doesn’t support megaways and 3 Tiny Gods is not a progressive jackpot

Theme, Graphics and Animation

A very common theme in casino games is ancient Egypt, so it’s not exactly a novel idea by any means that we see in 3 Tiny Gods. However, what Foxium has managed to do with 3 Tiny Gods is unique in its presentation, even when compared to a sea of ancient Egypt themed slots available online. Instead of portraying the Egyptian Gods as the fearsome deities they are, Foxium has turned them into small, cute Gods with impressive reel modifying powers at their disposal!

The slot game also stands out because of how gorgeous every aspect of the UI is. The animations used in-game blend in seamlessly as part of the overall theme and experience, while looking impressively good at the same time. For example, each time one of the 3 Tiny Gods drop down from above and right into the middle of your screen to give you a reel modifier, the animation is buttery smooth and it looks exceptionally good every single time.

Bonuses, Modifiers and Scatters

This is not a game where the player can win as much as they potentially could in a progressive jackpot or at one of Microgaming’s megaway slots. That being said, the possibility to win 5,000x times the bet doesn’t make 3 Tiny Gods a slouch either when it comes to offering the potential to win big.

When you get three or more scatters (a temple sign with “SCATTER” written below it) on one of your spins, a bonus round of 8 free spins will be activated. During the bonus rounds, any of the following scenarios can happen, modifying the reel to your benefit in different ways:

Mystery of Horus – Horus is an Egyptian God with the head of a falcon, and the tiny God will assist the player by changing 2 or 3 reels on the screen to the Eye of Horus symbol, each of which will then reveal a matching symbol. The matching symbols could even be wilds, but they cannot be scatters.

Gift of Bastet – The benevolent cat goddess will shuffle the reels and try to change the outcome of a fruitless spin with no matching symbols.

Wrath of Anubis – The scariest tiny God in this game is Anubis, but he helps the player out by dropping down and removing low value symbols to increase their chances of winning big (4 is the limit per bonus round).

Jackpot Bonus Game – This is a randomly triggered stage where the player stands to win the maximum possible amount they can. In 3 Tiny Gods, the three possible jackpots to win are:

  • Mini: 15x your total stake
  • Midi: 100x your total stake
  • Maxi: 5,000x your total stake


If you like Egyptian settings in casino slots but have been bored to death by the horde of similar looking and feeling slot games which sport the theme, 3 Tiny Gods will offer that refreshing take on the ancient Egyptian setting that we were all waiting for. In order for a slot game to be enticing, it has to look good, but also deliver in terms of winnings as well. As already mentioned, 3 Tiny Gods with its Foxify mode can deliver quite well in that department. Overall, we would say that the new slot from Foxium and Microgaming is definitely a must try for everyone interested in casino games, even if it is for the sake of experiencing something truly novel in the mythological Egyptian setting.

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