1524 Golden Quest Review

Developed by Neko Games and published by Microgaming, 1524 Golden Quest is a unique casino game and certainly one of the more interesting ones that we have come across in some time. Unlike most bingo games that you are probably used to seeing in online casinos, 1524 Golden Quest comes equipped with the full list of bonuses and extras that Microgaming titles are famous for. However, is it the kind of game that you would be interested in? By the time you are done reading through this review, you will know either way.

Theme: El Dorado

Not to be confused with the older slot game by the name of Golden Quest,1524 Golden Quest from Microgaming is an online bingo game and not a video slot. However, the term “Golden Quest” still refers to the same subject, meaning that the theme for 1524 Golden Quest is a sweet combination of online bingo and a quest to find the mythical city of gold, aka El Dorado.

Visuals: Red & Gold Pop in HD

Remember how we mentioned that 1524 Golden Quest is quite unique? Well, that’s primarily because the game looks better and fresher than any bingo game that we have come across yet. From the bearded Spanish Explorer’s red, gold, and steel armor to the gold and red Aztec pyramid in background, crimson and yellow have certainly been used quite generously by the developers here. Look up top and you will notice even all the game icons are made up of tiny gold bars.

What is particularly impressive about the execution of it all is that the UI in 1524 Golden Quest remains clean and bold, despite there being an abundance of colors everywhere. Every image, icon, and number remain sharply visible in high-definition clarity throughout the game’s different animations and interfaces.

Wilds in Bingo?

Yes, in true Microgaming slot style, 1524 Golden Quest has Wild Balls in bingo! Getting Wild Balls will allow you to select and cross off numbers which have not even been called by the game yet.

Gameplay: Bingo with Jackpots

You can play all four of your 1524 Golden Quest bingo tickets at the same time for max payouts. It’s also a requirement if you wish to activate the four jackpots. Buying extra bingo balls to improve your chances of landing one of the jackpots is also allowed. To win any of the jackpots, you will have to collect enough Golden Coins. The special coins can be found inside bingo balls. As you collect the Golden Coins, the total will continue to increase inside the jackpot bonus panel. If you are lucky enough to land the biggest jackpot, it will multiply your total stake by 5,000x and turn them into winnings.

The Golden Pyramid Bonus

There are six levels to explore within the Golden Pyramid, with the highest possible winnings capped at 2,075x your total stake. Look out for bats and grab those jewels!

The Golden Masks Bonus

An opportunity to choose the right combination of Golden Masks hidden behind the Golden Coins. You can win as much as 1,400x your total stake, if you get lucky and choose the best possible combination of three Golden Masks.

The Golden Gods Bonus

Choose the right combination of Aztec God idols hidden behind the Golden Coins and you could potentially receive 500x your total stake in winnings. At least three of your chosen Golden Coins must reveal matching idols to win something from the Golden Gods Bonus round.

Should You Try It?

If you like slot games, online bingo, or casino games in general, you will like 1524 Golden Quest. Even if you not played bingo online before, this is probably the best experience you can have from such a game.

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