10,000 Wishes Slot Review

If you have played Wheel of Wishes from Alchemy Gaming before and liked it, then you will like 10,000 Wishes even more. Developed by Alchemy Gaming and published by Microgaming, 10,000 Wishes maintains the same core mechanics of its predecessor, but the volatility or variance has been ramped up significantly. Naturally, the jackpots at stake are much bigger in 10,000 Wishes, as compared to Wheel of Wishes.

Slot Basics

  • Developed by Alchemy Gaming, under Microgaming
  • Slot Type: Mega Jackpot, 5x3 slot
  • RTP rate: 96.27%
  • Volatility: High
  • Paylines: 10
  • Maximum possible multiplier: 10,000x the total bet amount.

What to Expect

As 10,000 Wishes is a high volatility slot, players are more likely to win big than win often. They should expect:

  • Power Spins appear less often, but when they do appear, the accompanying rewards are also much bigger.
  • The 4 bonus jackpots (Mini - Mega) are of increasingly high value and rarity.
  • You will have a better chance the winning the Mega Jackpot (10,000x total bet than of winning a progressive jackpot.


Players can use as many as 10 paylines to place their bets, but they can only win once per payline, meaning that the highest winning bet will be auto-selected from each active line. Scatter wins are paid both ways, but payline wins are always paid from left to right. However, both bonus wins (if triggered and won) and payline wins are added to form the player’s total winning amount at the end of the round.

Power Spins

To trigger a Power Spin bonus, at least three or more scatter symbols must be landed on screen. Unlike in other games, 10,000 Wishes follows a completely different mechanics. It will give the player only one Power Spin, during which the screen will transform to show the following:

  • All symbols on reel 1 and reel 5 will transform into a matching High Symbol, chosen at random.
  • The 3 remaining reels (2,3 & 4) will only spin giant High and Bonus trigger symbols.

Players can only get to the next and ultimate Wheel Bonus round if they get the full Bonus Wheel (filling the entire slot area) during their Power Spin round.

10000 Wishes Wheel Bonus

IfIf someone manages to trigger the 10,000 Wishes Wheel Bonus round by getting the full wheel, they will win either one of the four jackpots. The four jackpots from this Wheel Bonus round will multiply the player’s total stake respectively by:

  • Mini Jackpot = 15x
  • Minor Jackpot = 50x
  • Major Jackpot = 500x
  • Mega Jackpot = 10,000x

Power Mode

Those willing to make side bets on their turn have the option to play in Power Mode. Each spin in Power Mode is a Power Spin, which drastically boosts one’s chances of landing a full wheel bonus and enter the 10,000 Wishes Wheel Bonus round of the Jackpots. This will increase the total staked amount as well, making every one of the jackpots significantly bigger in Power Mode. However, Power Mode has no effect on symbol payouts. Regular scatter win multipliers will not include the side bet staked to trigger the Power Mode.

It is to be noted that after getting to the Wheel Bonus round, players are guaranteed to win any one of the four jackpots. This is exactly what makes 10,000 Wishes such a lucrative slot, especially in the Power Mode. It comes highly recommended for those that do not mind taking some risks every now and then if the potential winnings are big enough.

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